Find a new group of supporters.

Welcome to the video series that's all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I'm Stephanie Mulac and today, we're going to talk about finding a new circle of supporters, if the people that you're surrounded with right now are not uplifting you and giving you the support or the understanding that you need.

Now, in so many instances, people will ask me what they can do, because they've got a situation where nobody around them understands them. Nobody supports them. Nobody is helping them get from point A to point B and to accomplish their goals.

And they feel like they're out there treading water in the middle of a lake, and no one is there to uplift or support them and bring them back to shore.

And what I want to share with you is the beauty of our world and society, and technology that we have at our fingertips today, means that you don't have to rely on the people that are in your immediate environment.

There is a whole world out there on platforms. Whether it's Instagram, or Facebook groups, or LinkedIn, or anything of those types of platforms, where people are gathered. Or places where they're doing Zoom calls for support groups, and things that are specific to maybe a goal that you have, and things like that. There are so many different people out there that are like-minded and just like you.

It doesn't matter if the last ten people that you encountered have no idea what it is that you do, or what you want to do, or can't resonate with your goals or any aspirations that you have. That's okay, that's on them. What you can control is the new people that you bring into your world, into your frame of reference in your environment.

And technology exists today that allows you to do that so much easier than ever before in our lifetimes. And it gives you an opportunity to find those like-minded people, who are probably even more enthusiastic than you about your goals, and the things that are passionate about.

So go for it! Seek these people out. Get online, get on the computer, on your phone, and find these people in groups that are like-minded to you, and let them propel you to the heights that you want to be. And in the process, you're going to be doing the same for them. So it's a win-win situation.

Now, if you know of anyone else who would benefit by this message, please feel free to share it with them. And until next time, keep climbing that ladder of vibration.