Avoid exercising your power with arrogance and malice.

King of Wands (Reversed)

The tarot card of the day is the King of Wands in reverse.

The reversed King of Wands shows a man who is arrogant, self-centered, and domineering. He doesn’t care about others’ feelings and will try to force them to comply with him. His actions are often reckless, and he has trouble seeing any consequences or damage to his behavior.

Nevertheless, he is often lovely and fiercely loyal to those close to him. However, if he is reversed, he can be manipulative and controlling. While he may not mean to be malicious, he tends to be ruthless in achieving his ends.

The King of Wands in reverse represents a domineering character and a strong personality. Unfortunately, his confidence is often mistaken for arrogance, and he can quickly become arrogant and inflexible. If you don’t take good judgment, you could make poor choices and find yourself in difficulty.

A good leader listens to the opinions of others and encourages them to share their thoughts and ideas. He doesn’t try to own other people’s ideas, even though he may seem like a bossy, controlling person at times. Instead, he focuses on empowering his employees to achieve great things.

Additionally, he appreciates the accomplishments of others and gives credit where credit is due. Finally, good leaders remain humble and open to feedback.

Time to Change

This card can indicate a need to change your approach to dealing with others. For example, if you’ve been trying to force someone to be their best self and push them to meet your expectations, you might be taking advantage of them.

You could be forcing your will on them rather than allowing them to experience their own growth and development. You may be thinking that you are doing the right things, but you could be using your position of strength to dominate and control them.

You may also think you’re helping them become their best selves, but you could make them feel they owe you something. Everyone learns differently, and you may be doing yourself a disservice by forcing them to follow your path. In addition, it might damage your relationship with the person.

It also demonstrates the need to consider how you may improve your circumstances. You may often think your life will always go the same way, but that isn’t true. You have the chance to control how you live.

You should consider different options if you feel like you aren’t getting ahead financially. There could be positions available with higher salaries or greater freedom. Maybe you should begin to budget your spending.

You could even think about returning to school. Whatever makes sense for you in your current situation is what you should focus on. Sometimes it takes taking small steps to get significant results.

Find a Balance

The King of Wands shows that you must find a balance between feeling confident and insecure. These two instances, at an extreme, can lead to a path that isn’t helpful for your growth. You must stay balanced, especially when trying to achieve your goals because there are always obstacles on the journey.

You might need to slow down and prioritize if you feel you have too many things on your plate and not enough time to do them. But, on the other hand, leaving the setting causes stress. Whatever the reason, the king of wards, should give you a reality check.

This is an excellent tool for self-reflection. It aids in your understanding of what needs to change about you to advance. Without necessary precautions, you may feel emotions of shame and guilt.

If many people always mistake your confidence for arrogance, it probably means you are arrogant. It implies that you must intentionally decide where to draw the boundary. Also, take the necessary steps to change if you believe your attitude will not lead you to where you want to be.