You must be wary in your desire for power

The Queen of Wands (Reversed)

The tarot card of the day is the The Queen of Wands (Reversed).

The Queen of Wands sits on a throne decorated with lions, facing opposite directions, a symbol of power and protection. Her left hand rests on a golden orb surrounded by sunflowers, representing life, fertility, joy, and satisfaction, while her right hand grasps a wand topped with a single sprouting rosebud.

She wears a diadem adorned with fleur-de-lis, a symbol of royalty, and a cloak lined with ermine, a sign of wealth and security. But there is a catch: the black cat sitting in front of her, believed to be a sign that she may be hiding something underneath all that perfection.

The Queen of Wands reversed indicates someone who may seem very charming but has secrets or weaknesses you should know about before making any decisions. You might find yourself attracted to this person because they are so different from other people, but if you get too close, you will discover their true self. This could be a warning not to trust them completely.

Find Your Allies and Treat Them Right

The Queen of Wands reversed meaning reveals a controlling tendency inside of you, and those around you are aware of it. You have this desire to always come on top. You want to dominate others and take control of situations.

Most of the time, this trait of yours is very useful and beneficial for your career. That is why most people let you take the lead because you have proven many times that you can get the job done. However, when you become too demanding, you start to lose friends and allies.

You don't have to change who you are but just try to understand where this comes from. We all have flaws. You must take control of your feelings and emotions, otherwise you will end up being alone.

For the time being, it's better to keep your desires under control and let others do what they need to do without being pushed around.

Sometimes, You Have to Lose Control Before You Take Control

The reversed Queen of Wands could also mean that someone else is trying to exert power over you. You may not even realize when you are being manipulated because the said person can be someone you admire or trust.

If you allow yourself to be taken advantage of, or if you feel like you are being controlled, then you need to stand up for yourself. You should never allow anyone to manipulate you.

For example, say you are currently facing a legal problem. At first you give your attorney total freedom because you think that he/she knows best. Then, after some time, you notice that the lawyer is doing things differently than usual. Maybe he/she is taking more time to prepare documents, or asking you questions you didn't expect.

You need to have a frank discussion with your attorney and ask him/her what's really going on. If you still feel uncomfortable, it might be best to consider hiring another to avoid future conflicts. Take back control before it's too late!

Your Time to Rule Will Come, Just Not Today

The Queen of Wands represents a change of plans where you are advised to step back and let someone else take the crown. Despite your ambition, tireless effort, and desire to lead others, this situation requires you to hold your place. Until the time has come to move forward again, you must remain patient and wait for the right moment.

Before you protest, remember that this may be the best move for you. Nobody doubts your place in the hierarchy, but the timing is not 100% right. The wise decision is to observe and be patient.

Seeing someone else take the reign is never easy, especially when you have been working hard to achieve your goals. It's natural to feel jealous and angry at first, but try to remember that there is a time and a place for everything. You simply need to wait for the ideal opportunity to arise.

If you're single, then the Queen of Wands suggests you focus on yourself instead of worrying about finding a partner. Your life is already full of responsibilities, and it's not fair to put pressure on yourself by expecting someone to fill the void left behind by your ex.