Start taking risks and responsibility.

Nine of Wands (Reversed)

The tarot card of the day is the Nine of Wands in reverse.

The Nine of Wands displays a man who seems to be injured. You can see him holding a wand and looking over his shoulder. The direction of his face suggests that he is looking at the other eight wands in the background.

His structure also indicates that he may have gone through a difficult battle and is looking to face new difficulties. The Nine of Wands is a way of letting one know that this may be the final stage of the man's problems.

The reversed Nine of Wands shows that you are not a risk taker. You may be cautious and often avoid risks because you believe you might fail. However, it also represents a person who is fearful of making commitments.

When dealing with the reversed Nine of Wands, we must ask ourselves whether this person is being too cautious or is just afraid of failure. If someone is scared of failure, they may try to avoid situations where this is possible. But, in addition, they may also feel like there isn't anything worth doing.

The reversed Nine of Wands represents a person who feels trapped in their life. You don't know what else to do or how to go about changing things. So instead of facing problems head-on, you prefer to run away from them.

Learn From Your Mistakes

The reversal of the Nine of Wands represents a situation where you are refusing to compromise or give in, being obstinate, having a hard time letting go of something, being rigid, being unwilling to learn from the past, and being last out of a group of people. You could be feeling stuck, unable to move forward because you won't let yourself change anything about how you're living now.

You might feel like you've been fighting tooth and nail against something happening repeatedly, and it's just too hard to let go of the way things used to be. Or maybe you're dealing with someone else who refuses to budge, even though you know that what they want isn't good for either of you.

This could mean a pattern in your life where you keep getting into situations where you lose something important, like money, relationships, health, or freedom. If you don't learn from the experience, you'll probably find yourself repeating the same thing repeatedly.

The reversed Nine of Wands can also indicate weaknesses of will or perseverance and sometimes lack of confidence. It can mean you are not learning from past experiences or failing at the end of the day.

Face Your Problems

Relating the reversed Nine of Wands to your finances signifies that you must start taking responsibility. For example, if you are in debt, you have to stand and deal with your obligations as termites. You must make some significant changes in your life to get rid of these termites.

You may have the urge constantly to run when you are having a problem with your finances, but you have to cultivate the attitude of fighting. So escape the temptation of always running when there is a problem.

It could also mean you've been wasting money on gambling, alcohol, drugs, and sex when you are in debt. These addictions are dangerous because they distract you from what is necessary.

Start monitoring your habits. For instance, list all your expenditure in writing when you have trouble with debt termites. Then, ask yourself why you buy these items. If you don't need them, try to cut back on your expenses by making small sacrifices.

You'll want to avoid spending money on anything frivolous, especially if you feel stressed or depressed. Instead, concentrate on caring for yourself and taking care of your mental and physical health.

Start taking risks instead of running away from every problem. Also, start facing your problems because you can when you are determined.