Defend your successes and don’t let anyone steal your thunder.

Seven of Wands

The tarot card of the day is the Seven of Wands.

The Seven of Wands card shows a man standing on a hill with a long wand in his hands, trying to fight off the other six wands coming out from the ground. The picture makes it seem like he is defending his territory, preventing his enemies from ruining his successes.

When you look at the man's feet, you will notice that he is wearing different shoes on each foot. This suggests that he has been caught unprepared for battle.

The Seven of Wands is about establishing authority over something. In this case, it could mean having control over your personal life, relationships, career, etc. This card also implies that you are taking action against those threatening your well-being.

You have to stand firm against people trying to take advantage of you. You must be resolute and fight back if you sense that you are being threatened.

The Seven of Wands also represents authority and power. It symbolizes how you use your resources to gain control over others. Like the man with the wand, you must be prepared to defend yourself, equipped to engage in battle and triumph.

This card can represent someone willing to do what needs to be done to succeed. They are ready to face challenges head-on and overcome obstacles. Consider this food for thought because you can achieve anything you set out to accomplish.

Protect Your Accomplishments

You have received a lot of success in your life, putting you in an enviable position. However, because of your accomplishments, the people around you want to challenge you because they feel they deserve to be in your place.

You have always worked hard to reach your level, but people are prepared to fight to take everything away from you.

The Seven of Wands means you are at a level people aspire to be, which is a good thing. However, it signifies a competitive environment because they don't want to share in your success; they want it for themselves.

You are now responsible for protecting whatever you have worked hard to earn, continually proving yourself.

The Seven of Wands suggests opposing threats, standing up for yourself, defending yourself against those who might harm you, fighting in your corner, and keeping your word.

It symbolizes taking the high road, remaining steadfast and unyielding in the face of adversity.

You are asserting yourself and showing others that you won't tolerate abuse or bullying. Use this as food for thought to let your determination and willpower stand out even amid chaos and confusion.

Fight for Your Relationship

The Seven of Wands indicates that you are about to face some challenges in your current relationship.

These challenges could come from within the relationship. For example, you or your partner might blame each other for problems.

Alternatively, the challenges may come from outside the relationship, indicating that there are people out there who wish to harm your relationship.

Either way, the Seven of Wands shows that you are going to have some fights ahead.

You must maintain control over yourself and your emotions and stand firm against whatever obstacles you encounter. Don't let anyone else grab what is rightfully yours. And don't let anything stop you from fighting for your relationship.

If you are single, the Seven of Wands advises you to fight for the one you want to be with because there is a lot of competition for that person. You may be overlooked and not considered if you don't fight for the person.

This food for thought should give you the energy to fight for the person and show them how you really feel.

Starting today, you must battle for all you wish to accomplish moving forward. Nothing will be given to you unless you fight for it. So don't back down when you notice that the battle is tough because winners always have to fight to persevere.