You may be caught in the middle of team conflict.

Five of Wands (Reversed)

The tarot card of the day is the Five of Wands (Reversed).

Five men stand close to each other like they are in a team huddle. However, each of them is holding a wand like it's a weapon and they are ready to strike anytime. Their expressions are intense. Words like chaos, hysteria, and war come to mind.

But what is causing all this tension? Upon closer inspection, you will see that all five men wear different clothes. These suggestions indicate that these men come from different backgrounds and beliefs. Because of this, the men struggle to establish a real connection with each other.

The reversed Five of Wands symbolizes a broken team spirit leading to a loss of unity. You may experience it in your professional life or in personal relationships, such as in your family.

The reversed Five of Wands shows how people who live or work together may not get along well no matter how many times they interact in person or conduct video conference calls everyday. You may experience frustration and loss of motivation because of this.

All hope is not lost. However, there is still a way to improve things.

Understand What Went Wrong

Today's message suggests that your attempts at forming a solid group of friends or coworkers aren't going well. The team members are not working together cohesively. This lack of bonding may have led to an awkward conference call or even worse things.

Advertising this situation could mean that your current team needs to make some changes. Maybe switch some members around or perhaps add new ones.

Try another route if you're already working on a project and changing team members is not an option. How about asking each member directly about their problems?

You can also try to improve your relationship with the team. For example, do you think you can spend more time with them outside of work? Can you share your ideas with them? What can you do to help them get along better? These questions may lead to a solution on how to fix this internal problem.

All Equal, All Human, All Beautiful

Uniting a divided team is no easy task. So, what happens when the differences between your team members become too much to handle? Well, the Five of Wands reversed suggests that you should stop trying to force everyone to agree on everything. Instead, focus on finding common ground.

You may try celebrating your differences instead of focusing on what divides you. For example, you can celebrate your diversity by having fun activities where you can express your individuality.

Create a space where you don't talk about work but enjoy each other's company. You can go camping, play sports, or watch movies via an online streaming party.

This way, the team will have a safe environment to explore your interests without feeling judged. It will open a door to your real personality, and in time, your team can see each other in a new light. Who knows, perhaps you do have something in common after all. When the team bond grows stronger, looking at your conference call calendar is no longer unbearable.

What Is Your Mission in Life?

The Five of Wands advises you to identify your natural ambition.

First, you must know where your passion lies because it's the driving force behind everything else. For example, you want to pursue a career in medicine because your dream in life is to serve others.

Or maybe you are good at public speaking, so your dream is to help employees or students become better public speakers.

By identifying your passion and making it the center of your world, you will find it easier to establish your path of service. Only then will you fulfill yourself and become successful.

If you don't know your passion yet, you can always start by reading books like How To Find Your Passion or The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. They'll give you practical advice on how to discover your true calling.

This message asks you to take action now. Don't wait until you feel ready. Start today!