Questionable actions you've done in the past are coming back to haunt you.

Knight of Swords

The tarot card of the day is the Knight of Swords.

The Knight of Swords represents everything a knight is supposed to be. The knight can be a he or a she because some are believed to be women in disguise. Regardless, the Knight of Swords is always brave in the face of danger.

However, the biggest challenge he faces right now lies in his mind. This robust and fearless knight who never backs away from danger is also a victim of his restlessness. This is a warrior whose mind has never left the battleground, even though the battle has ended.

Therefore, this card usually appears when someone has a chip on their shoulder. What are you carrying? Could it be a relationship problem? Failed promotion? Or a poor experience with online gambling?

Whatever it is, it is causing you so much pain that you have started to lose your way. As a result, you are constantly seeking a fight to release your frustration with yourself.

Conquer Your Ego and Find Freedom

Once upon a time, your heroic actions symbolized righteousness. However, as time went by, you became more and more attached to your own ego. "Shoot first, ask questions later" became your motto.

Suddenly you are drowning in the guilt of overkill, and you don't know what to do.

Try to analyze what might have caused this change in your behavior. For example, is there something in your past that still haunts you? Do you need to confront an old enemy? Or maybe you want to prove to everyone that your online gambling habit is justified.

Dig deep until you find the answer. Otherwise, there will be more victims of your unintentional selfishness. Your noble cause, one that you swore is for the sake of a greater good, has negatively impacted others.

You are a good person inside and out. Your intentions are good. No one denies that. But even the best people sometimes make mistakes. Learn to forgive yourself.

Get Over Your Fear of Confrontation

When the Knight of Swords is reversed, it means you are the opposite of what a knight should be. A true knight will be the first in line to walk into battle. Yet, you avoid conflict like it is a plague.

This card, in reverse, is, suggesting that you have been struggling with the fear that comes from conflict. You will come up with any reason to avoid dealing with it. You will say the sweetest lie or make a promise you can't keep to save yourself from a stressful experience.

For instance, if you feel guilty about cheating with online gambling, you can't lie your way out of it. Instead, you have to deal with the truth. You won't get anywhere if you're unwilling to admit that you cheated. Instead, the guilt will continue to haunt you.

If you're having trouble forgiving yourself, try to look at things differently. Maybe you were wrong. Perhaps you weren't being fair to yourself. It's okay to admit that you made a mistake. And it's okay to apologize.

Why Not Make New Friends?

Perhaps this card comes to you because you have spent years surrounding yourself with people who agree with you. People see you as a strong, brave knight who can do nothing wrong. Therefore, they never challenge you. They never tell you that you're wrong.

So why stay with them? Why not go somewhere that supports your development? The Knight of Swords advises you to remain open-minded about other people's opinions and ideas.

You need the courage to forgive yourself. Be vulnerable enough to let others see you for who you really are: a fearless knight who can admit his mistakes. You can only grow when you learn how to accept criticism. So, take off your armor and face the world. You deserve better than a life spent in isolation.

Today, take a step towards forgiving yourself. Start by having a conversation with yourself in front of a mirror. Acknowledge your mistake out loud. Then, describe all the things you have learned from your actions. This can help take you back to the warrior path.