There is trickery and deception brewing. Are you the victim or the instigator?

Seven of Swords

The tarot card of the day is the Seven of Swords.

The Seven Swords features a clever tactician. He has infiltrated the enemy's camp and stolen their weapons. Rather than facing them in battle or running away, he has chosen to outwit them by undermining their strength.

You are like the cunning man, using your wits to address a pressing issue.

There is a blockage in your path, and you are not one to retreat easily. However, you know you have the capacity to influence events using your mindset as insurance against an unfair outcome.

Sometimes, thinking strategically instead of working against obstacles is the best solution to surmount problems. But are you sure your efforts are honorable?

Will there be any victims of your actions? In your battle to better your path, are you overlooking someone else? Or should you be protecting yourself against lurking tricksters?

The Seven of Swords encourages you to analyze your battlefront and consider the motives of yourself and others. Universal forces are on your side, alerting you to threats and possibilities.

Be Strategic and Considered

It is time to become acutely aware of the players and situations circulating beyond your realm of immediate attention. Your attention to the broader picture acts as insurance to protect you and others from ill-considered actions.

Is your plan to work smarter to forge a more direct route to your objectives? This is admirable and acceptable when done in good faith with yourself and others. Just ensure you grasp the situation in its entirety before applying your strategies.

Many successful people find an alternative route to their objectives. You, too, find traditional processes frustrating and recognize that ignorantly following others is wasteful of your resources when there is a more straightforward method.

It is an advantage to you if you have influential connections or see a way to advance in a queue. The Seven of Swords is on your side, even if it means thwarting others' plans.

Stepping away from being a people pleaser may protect you from unnecessary stress. In addition, choosing between conflicting situations is easier if you honor your interests first.

Step Back from Harmful Situations

The Seven of Swords is also linked to harmful or overwhelming situations. Is someone deceiving you? Is the problem more severe, and are you strategizing to escape conditions compromising your wellbeing?

When handling risky circumstances, confronting the issue can inflame matters. Therefore, attempting to extract yourself from a toxic person, workplace, or another environment that makes you feel vulnerable takes careful consideration.

Strategizing to liberate yourself from undesirable conditions may mean bluffing, faking, and outright lying.

You must naturally put your needs before others to preserve your safety and wellbeing. In this case, covering your tracks is insurance against harm and wholly justifiable.

If someone has hurt you, step back and evaluate whether or not you still care about them and the risk of keeping them in your life.

Then, you might consider forgiving them and yourself for their dishonest behavior and for holding onto associated anger and resentment.

Acting to free yourself from unhelpful circumstances is better than procrastinating. Do not hold back from accessing guidance from people you trust. If something feels uneasy, distressing, or disturbing, it is appropriate to address it.

Do not second-guess your instincts. Instead, use intuition to reveal deception and dishonesty. You are an intelligent and powerful being, and the energy forces around you guide you towards liberation.

The Seven of Swords highlights risks to you or others because of lies, deception, or mistreatment. You must consider the forces of trickery surrounding you.

Are these events linked to you seeking a neat path to your goals and bypassing others? Are you strategizing to escape a harmful situation? Or is someone deceiving you for their benefit? Reflect on these issues and map a strategic path forward.

Suppose you are questioning your motivations and are confused about your circumstances. In that case, it is time to seek reassurance and support from those you truly trust.