Look to the other side of heartache.

Three of Swords

The tarot card of the day is the Three of Swords.

Deep sadness and heartache come to you, but the appearance of the Three of Swords means universal forces are with you.

The Three of Swords is a confronting card depicting three swords piercing a heart. It signifies the emotional and physical suffering caused by spoken words, deeds, and intentions.

Although the distant storm clouds mirror this sorrow, they also provide comfort by giving you hope that it will soon be over.

You are hurting, upset, and disappointed. Your heart is aching in sorrow, and nothing can bring comfort. The sudden pain caused by someone you were banking on for love and support is deeply distressing.

This card is not entirely negative, even though it does signify difficulty. On the contrary, the most trying times in our lives often show us our strength.

Allow yourself time and space to recover and absorb all the lessons you can from this experience. Then, don't delay asking for help from your loved ones if you need it.

Do not be afraid to retreat to your heart and your inner world for answers. Your destiny is imprinted into every cell of your body and connected to universal energy forces.

This pain comes for a reason and at this scale, can signify a giant life pivot. As well as deep pain, this is a period of intense rejuvenation.

Pour Out Your Emotions

The Three of Swords is linked to a release of emotions. Do not hold back; ease the pressure around your aching heart and let the pain pour out of you. Expressing your emotions is a necessary step in the purification process.

Permit yourself to feel the pain of having something you were banking on taken away, and acknowledge what has occurred. Then, raise your voice to the heavens, sob, cry, and scream. Express your rage and anguish.

The Three of Swords is a reminder that suffering, sadness, and loss are inevitable aspects of life. You would never face the obstacles necessary to pivot into a new realm without loss.

Every adversity causes discomfort, which invariably presents an opportunity to grow, learn from your errors, and alter the course of your life. While the pain may temporarily impair your judgment, it will eventually bring clarity and allow you to move on from the past.

Intense heartbreak feels like it will last forever. But it doesn't. This difficult period will end. You will heal from this and emerge into a state of renewal.

Heal Your Heart

Scarred but strong. The Three of Swords is a depressing card with a challenging message. It denotes pain, loss, misery, and a broken heart. It tells of denial, treachery, pain, and discouragement.

As well as a broken heart, you have a strong mind which will serve you well. After you progress through the first waves of emotion, you can work on healing.

Life presents contrasts so we can fully appreciate the gifts it brings. Without pain, you cannot fully grasp the notion of joy.

Falling into the depths of despair is brutal. You were banking on a future with someone that is now lost. But this is also a powerfully transforming experience.

Trauma pushes us into places we do not care to go but can also forge a new path. Of course, this is not what you want to choose for yourself. But have faith in the forces of destiny because you are close to them at this tumultuous time.

Suffering heartache is a sign of loving someone deeply. Losing this love and having your trust broken plummets you into grieving. You need healing and support.

You may reject the idea of any possible recovery right now. But it may help to recognize that our greatest sorrows often give us the most significant opportunities to grow, learn and evolve as spiritual beings.

Today, access a compassionate meditation to calm yourself and release some of the hurt. Then, choose someone to talk to who is empathetic and a good listener. Sharing your feelings triggers opportunities for acceptance and healing.