Practice generosity. What you give will be returned in spades.

Six of Pentacles

The tarot card of the day is the Six of Pentacles.

You are generous and recognize the fine line between having all you need and experiencing loss. The Six of Pentacles tells you the universe sees and appreciates your generosity.

The wealthy man in luxurious robes scatters coins to the beggars on the street. The scale symbolizes fairness, balance, and equality. Along with appearing comfortable and secure, he demonstrates generosity and empathy.

The Six of Pentacles represents the acts of giving and receiving in harmony. One day you have excess to give to others; at other times, you accept their generosity. It is a cycle borne through human existence.

Traditional groups naturally share their resources. But in modern times, greed and a sense of lack prevent equal distribution across societies. But you sense that giving is an innate obligation and pleasure. You are in sync with the higher laws and the cycle of life.

As with the wealthy man, developing positive karma, showing compassion, and being generous are attributes of you. You do not seek to impress influential people with impressive jewelry, cars, or housing.

The Six of Pentacles indicates you have a positive relationship with your income and are in a good place. Similar to the central figure in the card, your income and expenses are well balanced, and you are lucky enough to be stress-free.

Do not be afraid that what you give will not be reciprocated by the universe because your pure heart links with strong forces of infinite energies and blessings.

Accept Appreciation

The Six of Pentacles generally denotes gifts, goodness, and charity. For example, you or someone in your life is lavishly giving money, expensive gifts, or upgrading housing.

The Six of Pentacles generally denotes gifts, goodness, and charity. For example, you or someone in your life is lavishly giving money, expensive gifts, or upgrading housing.

Alternatively, it may be nonmaterial things involved. Perhaps you are being helpful by providing advice, time, or expertise.

Elements of cooperation, generosity, or financial contributions are highlighted.

As a result, if you are currently facing a challenging situation, this card may serve as a reminder that support is there and that you only need to call out for it.

This phase might be when you feel a strong sense of community and want to contribute to improving social issues. Political action, joining a charity organization, or contributing to youth education are possibilities.

Power and control are other associations with the Six of Pentacles. You may be pushed into a leadership role or otherwise gain the respect of a wide group of people. Others recognize your ability to be fair, and impartial, and honor equality.

Advance Your Prospects

The Six of Pentacles represents being valued at work and gaining fresh surroundings. So, if you are looking for a job or thinking about changing careers or your housing situation, this card bodes well.

An influential figure may become a mentor, or advisor, or want to promote your skills somehow. This could come from your boss or a significant company partner providing you with a financial bonus, their time, support, or advice.

The Six of Pentacles highlights positive finances. You may be approved for a business loan or gain an investor. Wealth and success are all around you.

If you have worked hard, expect to start reaping the material benefits. Financial rewards will outweigh investments.

Love is also on the cards as generosity extends to those close to you. You and your partner will be considerate and giving to one another. Alternatively, the Six of Pentacles suggests that you will meet someone who will be kind and giving.

Friendship groups also will flourish in response to your giving nature and kindness. You radiate qualities of trustworthiness, empathy, and respect.

Stronger bonds will be formed based on mutual respect. You have entered a period when the full force of universal goodwill rewards you for being kind and open-hearted.

While you do not seek influence, others are drawn to the humanitarian qualities that you represent. Today, consider the possibilities of using your attributes to benefit society beyond giving away material things.

Many barriers prevent people from accessing help. First, consider what these issues may be and how to influence your community. Then, find ways to collaborate with others to take action and watch your contributions increase exponentially.