Slow down and take the time to get back on track.

Temperance Reversed

The tarot card of the day is Temperance Reversed.

The Temperance card depicts a winged angel with masculine and feminine features. The angel is wearing robes with an inscribed triangle on a square, which symbolizes the earth and the natural laws. It also shows the importance of having men on this planet.

The angel has one foot in water and the other on land, representing the material and immaterial world.

The angel holds two cups with water flowing from one cup to the other, showing change and the importance of being able to flow at any time. There is also a mountain with a gold crown hovering in the background, symbolizing one's journey through life.

Temperance reversed indicates a feeling of unease like something is not right. You have to handle this feeling with urgent care by looking for solutions to improve your lifestyle. You'll need a strong foundation to be able to overcome the difficulties of life.

Maybe you should give yourself some time to reboot. Perhaps you've been living in excess or taking on more than you can manage.

Rebalance Your Life

The upright Temperance usually signifies the importance of taking things in moderation, always balancing your life, and ensuring everything is in check. However, the reversed Temperance is a warning that your life is imbalanced and must be treated with care.

Imbalance can be present in many scenarios, making it hard to identify the exact area of discord. The good thing is that you can examine your life if you want to find the answer to this question.

Temperance reversed speaks about conscious and unconscious choices you have made and why it is always essential to look at both angles.

This may be a warning that you are going through voluntary excesses. For example, you may be consuming more food than usual or overdoing an activity that is not part of your regular routine.

When you continue to indulge in these excesses, they will come back with consequences. This is the time for you to act in moderation.

You may not be aware of your current imbalance and how it affects you directly and indirectly, but you somehow feel the effects. For example, if you are feeling stress in your life, you need to look at the cause of these feelings to find the reason for the imbalance.

Regain Your Normal Self

Temperance reversed is directing you, showing that you have somehow managed to lose your inner calm. It can also indicate a lack of harmony between yourself and the people in your world.

This may lead to you trying to seek gratification with risky and harmful activities.

You may see yourself always clashing or having arguments with the people closest to you. You may also allow yourself to be dragged into other people's drama. Sometimes, you may lack perspective because you fail to look at the bigger picture.

You will do well only if you decide to finally take a step back to look at the way you are behaving. Take the time to examine the causes of these behaviors and try to find a solution to them.

The message from Temperance reversed will continue to get louder until you make a decision to start listening to it with care.

You may begin by paying attention to certain aspects of your life. After that, you must make the changes necessary to restore your usual flow.

Let go of your fears and anxieties today, and take the time to embrace every aspect of your life. This will allow you to find inner peace and joy in everything, including your relationships, and to see improvement in your personal growth.

From today, start integrating routines into your plan to help you reach your long-term goals.