Truth and justice are still on your side. You have been allowed to make amends, rectify the situation, and restore your life balance.

Justice Reversed

The tarot card of the day is the Justice Reversed.

The figure of Justice is sitting on her throne, and behind her is a long, hanging purple veil. Her headdress is adorned with a golden star. She carries a scale in her left hand and wields a sword in her right. The scale and the sword signify both truth and power.

But that is not all. The figure stands upon two columns, one above the other, which symbolizes the two sides of human nature. While the upper column represents the intellect, reason, and logical part of our brain, the lower represents emotion, feeling, and intuition.

There is no denying that the Justice card is a force in its own right. It represents Justice, fairness, or even an act by The Highest. But it can also be reversed, as it was for you today.

It's Time to Let Go of Control and Trust in a Higher Power

The Justice card symbolizes balance and fairness. However, when the Justice card reverses itself, the card's meaning takes a slightly different direction.

It means something big happens in life that leaves you completely blindsided. You are not prepared for what comes next, and there is nothing you can do about it. So, you seek a deeper meaning in the hope of finding answers. Instead, you only get more questions.

For example, you have a terrible experience with cash services. After months of researching the best cash services, they manage to steal your hard-earned money. You were being careful, yet you still suffer loss.

That is the main idea of the Justice card being reversed. It represents a time in our life when common sense and logical thinking may not be helpful anymore. Because the Higher Power has overridden the law of Justice.

When you are faced with a situation where you don't completely understand what is happening, you feel hopeless and lost. You may consider letting go and leaving your concerns to the Higher Power. Because all those sleepless nights spent yelling "Why is this happening to me!" could be better spent meditating instead.

Your issue with mundane things, like cash services, or even more significant problems such as job loss, divorce, or death, may seem overwhelming at first. But if you take the time to reflect on them, you will realize that they are just small pieces of the puzzle. Trust that the web of chaos will untangle itself, and your answer will be revealed.

For Now, You Are on Observation Duty

The Justice Card is one of the most important cards in the Minor Arcana. This position tells us much about how others perceive you. This card is often called "the observer," It wants you to pay attention to what goes on around you.

Your role is to observe, not to judge. Therefore, you must listen carefully and objectively as others tell their stories. If you think you need to add your opinions, don't. Instead, keep your wits.

As you watch people's accounts of themselves, subtle inferences and clues will help you understand the truth behind the words. A good listener can see through false claims and recognize genuine emotions.

Maintain Balance in Your Life by Trying Your Best to Keep Things in Perspective

We often hear people say that the scales of Justice are balanced. But what does it mean to be "balanced"? It means having equal parts good and evil, light and dark, up and down, yin and yang, positive and negative forces, etc., within yourselves.

According to a lot of people's experience, pulling the Justice card in a tarot reading helps you to sort out what is truly important in your life and what isn't, what matters and what doesn't. In addition, pulling the Justice card might help you see things clearly if you feel stuck or are just curious about the future.

Work on your listening skills. The path to Justice often starts with good listening. So, find someone who needs to talk to you, and make sure you give them your full attention.