Whether you find yourself at the end or a new beginning depends on your point of view.

The Wheel of Fortune (Reversed)

The tarot card of the day is the Wheel of Fortune in reverse.

The reversed Wheel of Fortune represents the end of an era, or perhaps just the beginning of something new and exciting.

If you feel stuck or unmoved by what is happening around you, this card may help you see things more clearly.

You may find yourself at a crossroads where you must decide if you want to continue down the path you have been walking or start over with someone else's advice.

The Wheel of Fortune in reverse, also suggests that you go with the flow of things. Do it if your intuition tells you to go in a different direction. Sometimes, you need to follow your heart before you follow your head.

One thing to remember is that this message is about change, but not necessarily for the better. Your choices will determine how much you like the outcome.

Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight

When you draw the Wheel of Fortune card in reverse, there is a chance that you may have fallen from great heights.

Perhaps you just experienced a failed romance, or your dream project at work got canceled. Whatever your story is, you have been brought back to the beginning to either restart or reinterpret your goal.

In some cases, this reversal means that you have lost everything, including your self-esteem. However, there is always hope. If you are willing to look within yourself, you may discover the strength and will to get back up again.

In other cases, this reversal could mean that you have gained everything you had hoped for, only to lose it again. However, you still have a chance to win if you don't give up.

You May Wish to Be More Humble in the Future

The reversed Wheel of Fortune often shows that you have become too proud of your accomplishments. This turns the card's energy around and makes you feel like you shouldn't boast about your success. Instead, remember that sometimes we achieve because other people lend us a hand.

It can also mean that you have forgotten who you are. When you think about your past successes, you forget why you started working toward them in the first place. Perhaps you have made mistakes that have caused you to lose sight of your goals.

To clarify, this does not suggest you throw away all your hard work. Instead, it's best to figure out where you went wrong and then work on correcting those problems.

Rise From The Ashes

This is an opportunity for self-renewal and to create a path that will enable you to rise above the ashes. You may be able to use the lessons learned from your fall to improve your chances of succeeding next time.

Try asking for help or guidance from people you trust. It is unlikely that a single person will have the energy to accomplish everything independently. Even the most confident people know when to ask for guidance from other people.

Alternatively, you may need to learn new skills. You may simply not be using the tools available to you. This is a great time to try and learn something you have never done before. Start with the basics.

For example, you might begin by reading a book or watching tutorials on YouTube or TikTok. Then, you can move on to practicing what you have learned until you reach a level where you can perform the task at hand without any problem.

So, even though you may have fallen, you can still rise again. All you have to do is get back up and begin again. As a result, your life will soon start a new cycle, bringing back an abundance of happiness and good fortune.

Consider your mistake as a chance to improve yourself and grow as a better person. Examine what went wrong to identify what you did incorrectly and draw lessons from it.

Ensure you get all the tools and knowledge to prevent you from repeating the same error. Finally, don't forget to review your progress!