You allow your feelings to erupt spontaneously, but there is more power in harnessing your emotions.

Strength (Reversed)

The tarot card of the day is Strength in reverse.

A woman tenderly pats the jaw and forehead of a lion. Her calming, loving spirit has tamed this wild animal, renowned for its ferocity. The lion represents unbridled feelings and desires.

By taming him, the woman demonstrates that using inner strength and perseverance can allow strong passions and animal instincts to be expressed positively. She subdues and softly controls the lion with her inner strength instead of force.

The woman's white robe symbolizes her spiritual purity. Her adornment of flowers reflects nature's gifts. The infinity sign is placed over her head to represent her limitless potential and wisdom.

Strength in reverse shows you struggle with containing your emotions. While it's good to be free and spontaneous when you are joyful, explosive negative emotions are overwhelming.

You see others marketing themselves as joyful and content. But you should not base your happiness on attempts to equal others' façade of success. Instead, you can build your inner strength and self-discipline. This action will help you connect with your inner world and the infinite powers and wisdom at your disposal.

Harness the Power of Your Emotions

The Strength card reversed denotes fragility, pettiness, illness, and a lack of faith. You sometimes lash out, and this failure to control your behaviors can be damaging.

This behavior also means you are out of touch with your inner source of courage. You are triggered by external elements and lack the discipline to rail your emotions back. Once you address your insecurities, you can discover this source and will be less vulnerable to external circumstances.

A reversed Strength card could also indicate a depressed state, robbing you of joy. Your sadness or melancholy may make you withdrawn. When everyone around you appears to be content or succeeding in every area of life while you lag, it can fuel deep discontent and jealousy. But exposure to marketing and media makes us all vulnerable to feelings of inadequacy.

So many people put on a facade of happiness and satisfaction. But, in reality, we all struggle in some areas of life. By speaking honestly about your feelings, you may discover others feel the same way.

Most people feel powerless or inadequate at times. However, there are ways to overcome these feelings. First, stop comparing yourself to others and start a phase of self-discovery. Explore your inner motivations and uncover authentic ways to achieve happiness.

Reconnect with Your Passions

You are familiar with powerful emotions of great anger, fear, and passion. You have a remarkable capacity for self-expression, but it needs to be directed. Learning to harness your emotions will propel you on a path of self-discovery.

You may suffer from a lack of conviction and trust in your skills. It may indicate that you have lost all memory of your interests and the joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment that came from following your passions.

Practice methods to build your inner strength. The first stage in developing inner strength is self-awareness. You can better grasp whom you are by taking the time to identify your strengths, skills, flaws, limitations, and aspirations.

Self-awareness also helps you identify when your emotions are brewing. If you check in with your inner feelings regularly, you will notice how these fluctuate. When you feel strong emotions, remove yourself from outside stimulations, including media and marketing messages, and retreat to your inner world.

Using this inner strength builds mental resiliency and adaptability. Exploring your inner source of wisdom and guidance will align you. Then you will experience a radical transformation into inner peace and enlightenment.

Today, look into your past to discover your lost passions. Is there a pattern when you look through your library, favorite movies, or music playlists?

Consider when you became so engrossed in a task that you lost track of time. Then, revisit your favorite childhood activities. We frequently abandon our interests as adults because we feel pressure to change into somebody we're not. However, when you find your inner source of joy, hostile external forces lose their power over you.