There is nothing wrong with embracing your femininity to show that you care.

The Empress (Reversed)

The tarot card of the day is The Empress in reverse.

The Empress card shows a woman who is sitting on a throne with excellence. The woman represents abundance, demonstrated by the abundance of nature surrounding her throne. Yet, despite all her abundance, she is still caring and loving without any discrimination.

The reversed card is the opposite of the Empress. She is a messenger saying you are selfish, always putting your needs without considering the people around you.

If you are a father, this is the moment to find fulfillment and realize your true purpose. You are urged to strengthen your bond with your kids. They need to see that you can take care of them just like a mother.

Everyone has a masculine and feminine side, regardless of their gender. If you are a woman, you are supposed to embrace the feminine qualities readily available. However, as a man, the Empress reversed indicates that you have to be more caring because you may be suppressing your feminine side too much.

Make Changes

You may have lost your strength and willpower because you are always in other people's business. So, you have to find a balance between knowing when to mind your business and when to offer assistance.

This may also mean trying to find your way in life. You may rely too much on others to cater to your needs, and they make decisions for you. You have to step up and remove this negative influence because it can destroy you in the long run.

You have to work on building your confidence to help you make better decisions in the future. Instead of counting on others, you have to try and solve your problems. Asking for assistance is perfectly acceptable, but resist letting others decide for you.

You may be afraid that you are not good enough wherever you are, and you always worry that everyone thinks you are incompetent. This often indicates that there are things that you must change in your life, such as your attitude toward your work or your relationships.

If you don't make changes, you could end up staying stagnant for much longer than is healthy.

Don't Let Fear Consume You

The Empress reversed is a messenger informing you that you are lacking in self-worth. You may also be feeling jealous, or you are always clinging to your partner, which is hindering your relationship.

If you're in a relationship where there's tension and you find yourself getting upset over little things, don't worry – you aren't alone. Many relationships struggle with jealousy, and sometimes, it isn't easy to know how to handle these situations.

To begin dealing with jealousy, start by acknowledging that it exists. Jealousy is a normal emotion, and it's usually caused by insecurity.

When we feel insecure about something, our mind starts working overtime, and we can become obsessed with the idea of losing what makes us unique. For example, we might think that our partner is cheating on us or that they want to be with someone else.

When you're anxious, it's easy to jump to conclusions without thinking through the situation. Instead, ask questions like, "What do I really want?" and, "How does my partner see me?" Once you've asked those questions, you'll be able to determine whether or not you're justified in feeling jealous.

The Empress reversed is a messenger suggesting that you're doing well financially, but something else could be troubling you. For example, you may have grown up poor, or perhaps you're struggling because you don't know where your next paycheck is coming from. Whatever the reason, put a stop to that worry.

If you're concerned about your finances, consider taking steps to improve your situation. You might want to consider increasing your savings or refinancing your mortgage, for instance. Another possibility is that you overspend on unnecessary things like dining out every night. Try cutting down on those expenses.

From now, embrace your feminine side. Prove to the world that you are a loving person. If you are anxious or scared about a situation, stop worrying because it will only worsen matters.