Something or someone is causing strife in your life, and you must settle it.

King of Cups (Reversed)

The tarot card of the day is the King of Cups in reverse.

Recent events have built an atmosphere of fear and mistrust. The King of Cups reversed brings your attention to these emotions and guides you to resolve your internal conflict.

The King of Cups sits passively on his throne above turbulent waters. His authority is depicted in his golden attire and accessories. He clasps an ornate cup and scepter, symbolizing his ability to balance emotions, power, and control.

Like you, the King is amidst unrest and tension. He looks into the distance, unfazed and confident in his role and position. However, in the reversed position, the King highlights that your emotions are not in check.

A form of power exists that is unbalanced. This force is exerting control over you or others. The effect of this unhinged energy is to shut down healthy emotions. As a result, you or someone close to you is displaying moody and insensitive behaviors. They are being thoughtless, immature, and unpredictable.

Now, your inner-being seeks a path to rehabilitation. The King of Cups reversed is calling you to address this darkness. You have the power to resolve these currents of deep resentment, jealousy, or anger and transform them into a force of renewal and salvation.

Identify the Source

The reversed King of Cups suggests the intense feelings surrounding you are linked to masculine energy. Do you recognize these dark emotions? Is this behavior emanating from you or someone close to you?

This energy can either be an aspect of you or someone else. This person's usual level of emotional awareness and restraint has given way to emotional manipulation and control. Unlike the King of Cups' calm demeanor, this individual impulsively asserts their position through acts of punishment and disrespect.

This person may be emotionally distant as a protective strategy. There may be hurt, longing, and fear hidden beneath a resolute surface. His skill at reading people's emotions has faltered, leading to feelings of inadequacy or paranoia.

The reversed King of Cups reveals this tension and asks you to resolve it. Set your course for your rehabilitation. Harboring chronic levels of pain and resentment cripples your ability to grasp life's gifts.

Now is a pinnacle moment in your life. Then finally, the pattern of negativity can be resolved. This will lead to a lighter state of being. It will be like a great rock is lifted from your psyche, and you will emerge into a changed state of optimism and delight, ready to receive universal blessings.

Resolve Tensions in Your Life

Underlying tensions hinder your happiness and hold you captive to dark emotional forces. As a result, there is a raging torrent of anxiety, coldness, repression, manipulation, and anger within and around you. Now you must seek rehabilitation and recovery.

You are a sensitive soul and must consider if you overreact to others or assume mistaken ideas about their intentions. Are you being immature in some circumstances?

Alternatively, you may be experiencing this onslaught of emotions from someone close to you. In this case, you must examine your position and protect your safety and wellbeing. This person may be someone that needs to exit your life. Consider if you feel at their mercy or are allowing yourself to be manipulated because you desperately want to trust them.

If this situation resonates with you, it is time to be honest with yourself. The universe is calling you into alignment. When you take positive action, these tensions will find release. Then you will emerge renewed and empowered, ready for a transformational rejuvenation phase.

If these emotions are linked to an individual you care about who is consistently hurting you, it is time to create a safe passage away from them.

Maybe you recognize these emotions within yourself, manifesting from your desperation to hold onto someone or your inner hurt. If so, plan your course of positive action. Seek a professional counselor or an expert in compassionate healing practices. Your time for healing has arrived.