A change in perspective may be the key to appreciating the beauty that life has to offer.

Seven of Cups (Reversed)

The tarot card of the day is the reversed Seven of Cups.

Seven cups are filled with various gifts. A man looks into each cup and sees something he desires. The cups represent his hopes and wishes, basically everything that makes him happy and fulfilled in life.

The Seven of Cups represents the fulfillment of a dream. It is about the dream life you wish to have. But when the Seven of Cups is reversed, it serves as a reminder of the joy of living.

You're so busy with everyday routines that you don't take time to appreciate the beauty around you. You may not be lacking in money or material things, yet you feel joyless and empty every day.

Does this resonate with you?

The Seven of Cups is a call to rediscover your inner happiness. You are a child of the stars, born into a world of mystery, wonder, and magic.

Humans are born to be explorers, adventurers, seekers, dreamers, magicians, mystics, poets, artists, and philosophers. Now is the opportunity to find out what drives you. Begin to treat each day as though it were your last.

Remember How to Dream Again

The Seven of Cups in reverse might mean that you have forgotten how to dream and imagine. Instead of dreaming up wonderful stories, you have forgotten about the possibilities that exist outside of your mundane life.

Reject the notion that life is all about work and no play. Dreaming gives us hope, inspiration, and creativity. Without dreams, we would all be robots. So, if you find yourself feeling uninspired, remember that you were meant to be here on Earth. Your soul has a plan for you.

Let the water from the Cups run over you and heal you. There is no need to save water, you have an endless supply. Water can help you become refreshed and feel revitalized.

A decision to save water is like keeping your spark and happiness inside so no one else can see this. Why do you feel you should hide away from your talents and who you are?

You are not in a summer drought of life, you have everything you need right in front of you. Don’t save water; splash around in it and have fun.

Your Life, Your Rules

You might feel unmotivated and uninspired because you believe you're trapped by societal norms. Maybe this person just bought their first house, or that person recently married, or someone else has just had a baby. Remember that these people are living the life they want to live. It doesn't mean you need to dream exactly the same way.

If you want to live in the woods in a cozy little cottage, then by all means, go for it! If your job is not fulfilling enough for you, then quit. If you think your relationship isn't good enough, then leave.

You're not crazy if you desire to experience happiness. It's your time, so make the most of it. Go ahead and shape your life the way you want it to be and make sure you're doing it for YOURSELF.

Start Romanticizing Your Life in a Healthy Way

The Seven of Cups reversed suggests that you allow yourselves to relax and be open to your dreams, imaginations, and fantasies.

You can do this by performing an exercise in romanticizing your life. For example, create a lovely little morning routine where you eat outside in nature. Or maybe change your route to work every once in a while to make it more exciting.

Romanticizing your life is not about curating it to look perfect, it is about creating a space where you can enjoy what you already have. If you want to feel inspired, then start making simple changes in your day-to-day routine to add excitement.

The man standing before the seven cups is eager to live his life because he has the opportunity to do so. But if you don't have the privilege to wait for an opportunity, then create it.

The Seven of Cups reversed suggests that you should take advantage of every moment that you have been given. Life starts in the morning, so, why not create a new morning routine that can lift your spirit for the rest of the day? Find a routine that can bring you the thrill of life and make you want to dream again.