Release your past fears because you are now free to move ahead.

Six of Cups (Reversed)

The tarot card of the day is the Six of Cups in reverse.

You have strived and struggled, and finally, the tight grip of the past is loosening. The shackles of your history are weakening. The children remind you of the innocence and naivety of the past, but for you, their meaning is inverted.

The children do not worry about adult responsibilities. They are secure and protected in the village, oblivious to the old man in the background. But rather than indulging in childlike thinking, the position of this card urges you to step into your adult powers of independence and self-sufficiency.

Six cups are positioned throughout the village scene, representing your emotions. The central one is held by the children and depicts love and joyfulness and harmony. The scattered cups and their misuse as plant holders show neglect in handling your emotions.

You are clinging to past emotions which, as if by osmosis, are absorbed deep into your psyche. You clasp hold of them even when they hold deep pain. Release these and allow yourself to feel the joy of the present moment. You are ready to move on, even if you have not realized it yet.

It's time to become more conscious of the emotions you harbor from moment to moment. You need to do some soul-searching and access your emotions. Learn why you are holding on to negative emotions and how they can make you fearful of the present.

Consider the efforts you have already made to lay the past to rest. Accepting the difficult events in your life creates an opening into a new, enlightened phase. These events have made you the person you are and have given you inner strength. You no longer find solace by living in the past.

You Can't Move Forward When You're Looking Backward

It is time to break from thoughts and actions that distract you from your responsibilities.  You have been stuck in the past. Your tendency to fixate and recreate what has hurt you, or to believe that life was better in the past, blocks you from your true destiny.

The way you have chosen to view the past has kept you there. You found relief by blurring your emotions with childlike overindulgences, poor behavior, and asserting blame. The Cups demonstrate you are ready to accept your past and step forward.

You no longer want to exist within the crippling clutches of history. Think about what you have already accomplished towards healing yourself. It is time to see your worth, loves yourself, and allow happiness.

Just like osmosis delivers water to every cell in your body, negative emotions can penetrate your thinking and destroy your equilibrium.

Staying in the present is the only way to achieve your desires. And you cannot be present when you chase old thoughts and behaviors. Take the time to see what's around you with clarity and appreciation because that is when you lower your protective shield and allow your dreams to manifest.

Seek Guidance and Embrace Your Weaknesses

When you are feeling down and struggling, it can be helpful to seek guidance from a higher power or from someone you trust. Speaking your truth lets you release your burdens out into the universe.

Learn to accept and embrace your weaknesses. Don't be ashamed of the things that make you feel insecure. Accepting your weaknesses makes you stronger and more capable of overcoming your challenges. Everyone faces hard times and setbacks during their life.

This is a time of feeling lighter, freer, and more optimistic. You can now move on from the past and focus on what lies ahead.

The Six of Cups in reverse heralds a new beginning, unencumbered by emotional baggage. You can throw away what's been holding you back and move ahead toward the freedom and joy that await you.

This can also signify that you are in need of some emotional healing. Take time today for a compassionate meditation or sit quietly in a natural environment, allowing the beauty, sounds, and aromas that surround you to enter your body like osmosis. Acknowledge the emotions that surface and allow them to release.