You've accepted your grief and loss, and now it's time to let go.

Five of Cups Reversed

The tarot card of the day is the Five of Cups in reverse.

The Five of Cups depicts a strange figure in a black cloak. Because the person is in despair, it is impossible to see their face.

Five cups can be seen on the ground, with three cups falling and two standing. The person is mourning over the fallen cups instead of focusing on the cups standing. A river flows between him and a building that looks like a castle.

The Five of Cups reversed indicates a reversal of fortune. This card can indicate a change in circumstances, perhaps due to trauma or emotional upheaval. In general, it signifies a difficult period of transition that brings about a major shift in one's life.

This card often appears in readings where someone has been hurt badly by another person. The pain is very real, and the situation is serious. This indicates that you are feeling some sort of emotional pain due to a recent situation, such as a breakup or job loss.

However, there is a chance that this experience could bring about positive changes. The transformation might be quite dramatic. For example, someone might lose everything financially but gain something much more.

Be Happy

The reversed Five of Cups suggests that you've reached a place where you feel like you've come home again and are in recovery mode. It's time to forget about your problems and focus on the good things in your life. It's time to allow yourself to be happy, excited, and hopeful about things again.

The Five of Cups reversed may suggest that you are unhappy in your romantic relationship. As a result, you may feel emotionally abandoned, and you now realize that you must find someone you can trust who has been disappointed in his or her lover.

The Five of Cups may mean that you have been deceived by your partner. As a result, your feelings toward your partner have changed dramatically. You start to feel attracted to someone else because you can no longer trust your partner. During recovery, you will be able to love despite your prior bad experiences.

In regards to your career, the Five of Cups reversed can signify a job loss. You may have left your current employer and taken a new position somewhere else. You may feel anxious and uncertain about this move, but ultimately it will turn out to be beneficial.

Financially, the Five of Cups reversed suggests that you have lost money recently. It's possible that you'll get back what you've lost. Alternatively, losing money could mean you have been dishonest and cheated someone out of funds.

Start Taking Risks

The reversed Five of Cups suggests that you are experiencing a reversal of fortune. This card symbolizes a change in direction, a return to normalcy, and a sense of relief.

However, it does not necessarily mean that things will go smoothly; there may still be obstacles along the way. Nevertheless, you are making progress toward a better future.

In this reading, the cup represents money. When the cup is upside down, it signifies that you are losing money. In this case, the cup is inverted because you lost a lot of money during the recent downturn.

While you may feel anxious about how you'll pay bills and cover daily expenses, you're going through the process of financial recovery. By investing wisely and saving up, you may be able to turn this situation around.

You could use this insight to make smarter choices now, such as cutting back on unnecessary spending.

Take risks today. Try something new and different like taking a walk rather than driving. Make a call to an old friend and invite them for coffee. Try something that terrifies you, but don't overdo it.