Stop thinking negative thoughts now and focus on the positive things in life.

Five of Cups

The tarot card of the day is the Five of Cups.

A man with a long, black robe is shown in the Five of Cups, gazing down at three cups. The three cups look like they've been knocked over, symbolizing all the man's failures and disappointments.

There are also two cups behind him, symbolizing the possibility of new opportunities. He somehow misses the opportunities behind him because he is fixated on the failures and disappointments.

You can see a castle in the background if you look closely. Before the man can reach it, he has to cross a flowing river. He has to build a bridge before he can cross the river. Again, the main doesn't notice this because he is still fixated on the knocked-over cups.

The Five of Cups represents a momentary lapse into sadness and disappointment. You've been dealt some blows lately, but you're still feeling good about things.

Your heart is open, and you're eager to start living once more. But something happens, and you start thinking about all those little mistakes you've made and the pain they caused others. This may even be leading to medical problems.

You start feeling remorseful for yourself and wondering why things constantly seem to go wrong. This is a time to stop being upset about the past. You need to forgive yourself and put this behind you.

Stop Ignoring the Good Things

The Five of Cups represents feelings of sorrow, loneliness, and depression. You feel alone and isolated because of something that you cannot control. You miss out on the pleasant sides of life when you concentrate on the disadvantages.

Of course, you might have a good excuse for thinking such things. For example, you may be suffering from trauma, but this shouldn't be something to dwell on.

You may suffer from bereavement because the Five of Cups represents grief or mourning. You may be carrying emotional baggage, which is making you unstable. You may be deep in remorse and always feel angry and disappointed.

Your feelings of grief or remorse are resulting in a bad mood, sadness, or loneliness. Your spirit is low, and you do not enjoy being around others. You may even feel depressed, leading to medical issues. You may even feel like committing suicide.

The Five of Cups means that your attention is on the wrong side of things. For example, you tend to dwell on problems rather than solutions. As a result, you might miss out on opportunities to make friends or meet people who could help you improve your situation. In short, you ignore the good things in life and concentrate on the bad ones.

Stay Hopeful

The Five of Cups may be a sign of abandonment; either you have the habit of abandoning people and set plans, or someone important has abandoned you. This may make you feel lonely, hence your constant isolation from people.

Don't dwell on these negative things that will only cause medical problems, but be hopeful that things will work better for your good.

The Five of Cups may be signifying grief and loss in your life. You may have lost your job, or your business may not make enough profit. Your career is being forced to advance slowly. There's a possibility that the person you trusted to help you with your business is not doing his part.

Despite the possibility of sadness, this could also be a time of change. Going through changes can be difficult, but they are an opportunity for you to learn.

You will benefit by viewing these changes as a teaching opportunity rather than a setback.

Remember that dwelling on negative thoughts only make things worse. So instead, embrace positive thoughts and let them give you the energy to achieve great things.