You are experiencing trouble and disappointment in your relationships.

Ace of Cups (Reversed)

The tarot card of the day is the reversed Ace of Cups.

The Ace of Cups reversed urges you to take a step back and re-evaluate your emotional needs. It's time for some self-love.

The hand from the clouds is holding a chalice overflowing with water. The chalice is turned upside down, implying that you are oblivious to your emotions. You can be suppressing your feelings or feeling overwhelmed by them.

You have been putting your own needs last, and as a result, you are feeling depleted. Your relationships are not fulfilling your emotional needs, and you might be separating from a close friend or romantic partner for these reasons.

It's time to prioritize yourself. You must attend to your emotional demands. This might be a time of healing and restoration for you. Allow yourself some alone time to reconnect with your emotions.

Spend time in the outdoors, meditate, or write in a journal. Make a creative expression of your emotions. Allow yourself to feel your feelings rather than stifling them.

When you concentrate on your own emotional needs, you can nurture your relationships healthily.

Pick Up the Pieces

You have the power to change your situation, even if you are dissatisfied with your connections. You can take steps to improve your relationships or end them if they are not healthy for you.

Despite the fact that your world may appear to be crashing around you, this is a season of new beginnings.

Allow yourself to grieve, and then accept that it is time to move on. Learn from your mistakes because they will help you create healthier relationships in the future. You are strong, and you will find happiness again.

Reconnect with Yourself

You have been so distracted by other people and by your relationships that you have lost touch with yourself.

You have given too much of yourself to bosses, partners, friends, and family members, and your cup is now empty. Being in this state is not sustainable, and it's time to reconnect with yourself.

Grab at the opportunity to focus on your specific needs; you can't pour from an empty cup; fill it first. Then, go out and do things you love.

Get in touch with your emotions, and nurture your relationship with yourself. Find your passion, and pursue it. Nourish your soul, and you will be able to nurture your relationships in a healthy way.

Reconnecting with yourself might mean making some changes in your life. For example, you might put a stop to a relationship that is not healthy. You might quit your job, change your living situation, or finally tell off that toxic family member.

Your energy around this time will focus on making changes in your life that will help you connect with yourself. This is a recurring theme for you, so be sure to pay attention to the inner voice of wisdom that’s been nudging you lately.

Heed the Warning

The Ace of Cups reversed is a warning that you are not taking care of your emotional needs. It's possible that you're in an unhealthy relationship or that you're suppressing your feelings.

It's time to make some changes because this will cost you a lot of money in the long term.

Ignoring your feelings will only serve to exacerbate them. They're like a volcano that will eventually erupt if you don't let them out.

Whether it's journaling, painting, or talking to a therapist, find a healthy outlet for your feelings. Don't bottle up your emotions, or they will come out in unhealthy ways.

What You Need to Do Today

It's a complicated time but also a time of new beginnings. First, allow yourself to grieve the end of a relationship, job, or situation. Then reassemble the pieces and begin the process all over again.

You, like everyone else, have earned the right to be joyful. So start today and begin to attend to your emotional requirements. Set clear limits in your relationships and speak out when necessary. Maybe you’ve usually been quiet about something that bothers you, but today is not the day to hold back.

Speak your truth, and the truth will set you free. You will get through this, and you will be stronger for it.