There's nothing more empowering than giving all of your attention to your today’s work.

Eight of Pentacles

Your tarot card for today is the Eight of Pentacles.

If the Eight of Pentacles has come out, you can be sure that it's all work and no fun! It shows a young man etching a pentacle shape into the eight golden coins. It is meant to show someone who is completely focused and dedicated to what they are doing at the moment.

In the card, there is a town far in the distance. This means that he was able to get away from the distractions so that he could fully focus on his work. Far from his family or friends, he chose to use his energy on his craft and on his goals. The Eight of Pentacles refers to the times in your life when you are 100% focused on a certain goal.

Do you have a new series on Netflix you want to watch? Or are you getting itchy to swipe on those Tiktok videos? Can’t wait to check your Facebook account or browse on Instagram? This card is telling you to stay away from distraction as you focus on your work and on your craft. Your job needs your full attention right now and that next HBO or Netflix episode can wait as a reward when you’re done with today’s work.

Accomplishing things can make you feel better.

When you are fully involved in the work that you do, you feel more powerful. It changes your energy from being passive and reactive to confident and proactive, which makes you feel better.

This card is here to remind you that your job is not just for money. When you learn a new skill, it connects you to society and gives you a way to help improve it even in little ways that you can. This lets you make the world your own and change the energy of the world you live in. Your job makes the world a better place. Yes, you are making it a better place.

Today, be excited about the things you have to do and do them 100%. Do your job well and reach your goals. People will appreciate the work you do, and they will too if you treat it well. It's not just "work." It is what you do for the good of everyone.

If your current job feels "constrained," today, might as well try shifting your perspective. Instead of hating the job, you have to do, change the energy. If you have to work, don't just endure it. Consider how it connects you to other people and is your way of making the world a better place, and be grateful for it.

You get the best out of daily life through focus.

Now you could be asking yourself what other things you can do to really have that focus on your daily tasks. Some people say that the way you work and the way you act show up on your desk. A lot of files and other things might be piled up on it. You might want to clean it up a little. Keeping your workspace clean and organized takes very little time, but it can make a big difference in how well you focus and how quickly you work.

Next is to create your hourly plan. In fact, making an hourly plan is a great way to speed up the process of prioritizing. It lets you plan so that tasks that require more attention or energy can be done first thing in the morning.

You also need not to forget to take short breaks and put on suitable music that you feel will help you in your daily task. Always keep in mind that your ability to concentrate is like a muscle, and you need to work it. You'd get better at it the more you do it.