You have innate wisdom gained through life experiences that you can use for your grounding and stability.

The Emperor

Your tarot card for today is The Emperor.

The Emperor is a symbol of male power and virility, and he is also a representation of the father figure. His beard shows that he is wise and old. Yet, as shown by the war armor that is visible beneath his state robes, he is still full of energy and ready to protect his kingdom from the outside world.

On his stone throne, with his back straight and his feet flat on the ground, he looks like he's sitting on nothing but rocky ground. And because he knows where his territory ends and where his power starts, he is honest about where he has power.

Another good thing about him is that instead of fighting, he talks things out with other people in a way that makes sense, rather than using force.

The Emperor is a strong leader who makes people feel safe because of all the knowledge he has. That power is yours now, and you can use it to be an example to other people. Keep to your plans from start to finish, and do it without fail. This is how a king only thinks about his goals.

When The Emperor has had a lot of experience, he has an aura of wisdom that makes him a good source of advice and help. Embrace this wisdom because you have so much life understanding that you can already share your knowledge with people who can use it.

When you think about your past, let it be a source of strength and remind you how important it is to have a stable life. What makes you feel safe comes from the hard work you do. More wonderful news will come your way if you keep up the momentum going.

Like the emperor who sits on his throne, you have the ability to take the initiative and make all of the decisions in your life. And you aren't just making these decisions based on a bunch of silly talks. You are making them with the knowledge and experience you have gained over the years.

It shouldn’t stop there.

Now you’re going to ask yourself, “so should I stop there? Are all the wisdom and life experiences I have had enough to help me deal with the problems that life brings?” The answer to that is no.

Just like the Emperor, he never stopped learning and never felt safe that he had all the information he needed to defend his kingdom. Even though he's old, he kept learning because he knows that the wisdom and experience he had won’t still be enough in case a new threat will come.

What you need to do now

Your ability to tell right from wrong will be put to the test at some point in your life, no matter how many different things you've been through in the past. You need to keep your head down in all situations, just like a wise Emperor does with his people.

Always be ready to learn new things. It's important to keep your mind open. There are times when you will think that the old strategy will work, but it won't in the long run. This is where being open-minded and being humble comes in. Our life experiences aren't always the best way to solve our new problems. Learn more and accept you don't know everything.

Before you do something that is in line with your morals and values, think about what is going on. Make sure you don't let your emotions get the best of you and don't let them rule you. Do what you can. As a good idea, you should accept your own limitations and not try to make them better. Don't think you can do more than you can.