It's time to do the right and long-overdue action towards things you've been neglecting.

Two of Swords

Today's tarot card is the Two of Swords.

In the middle of two swords, a woman has her back to the sea. Large swords are crossed in front of her making an X on her neck. She's shown with her eyes closed which means she is confused with her situation.

The Two of Swords, which is often called "indecision," only asks you for a decision to be made today. As she sits, she looks calm. She is in a deep state of mind. This is the card telling you that in making a decision, make sure you are in a space of peace.

The Suit of Swords is usually thought of as representing the mind and intellect, but the presence of water behind her back, and above her left side is the moon, shows that a woman must use both her head and her heart to weigh her options. The water represents emotions. The islands show that her decision isn't as simple as it looks.

This is telling you that you will have to think about the situation as a whole. Seeing the crescent moon on her right means you should also trust your instincts as you decide what is the best thing to do right now.

The clarity you are asking is within you.

What is in your life makes you feel restless or unresolved? Is this "in-between" condition giving you pause for thought about the future? Can you live with the fact that you don't have everything sorted out right now? Is denial a persistent issue in your life? What are you scared of?

These are the things that you need to ask yourself. You're having a hard time making this decision, and this could be because you don't know what you want to do. You are looking for that clarity that will guide you.

You may be taking your time, or even not making a decision at all, but know that you can't keep this up for very long. Sadly, this problem won't go away by itself. To find the answer, you need to take a step back and center yourself so that you can see things better.

A little bit of recentering and meditation can help.

To make important decisions in a short time is hard, but it also stops us from going on with our lives. Often, we make big and small decisions all the time. When we realize we have to make a decision, we get caught up in a lot of emotions.

It's possible to find peace, calm, and tranquility in your life if you've been having problems. The answer is to clear your mind. A short walk in the name of mindfulness can help you clear your mind.

Just for today, try doing a short walk. You don’t have to go anywhere far. It's about moving your body and paying attention to how you move. It doesn't matter if you walk inside or outside, but give yourself time and space to go slowly.

In this simple process, you are rewiring your body to slow down, pace yourself, and be present. You are moving the energy in your mind down into your body and your senses so that it doesn't move around as much as before. This helps you clear your mind so that you can think of new, logical ideas that make sense.

Sage is also a good tool for you to use. People who want to clean their space and their minds should light a bundle of sage. For today, you can drink a cup of sage tea while you're in a meditative state and ask it to give you the magic of decisiveness. You can also carry a pouch of fresh or dried sage with you during your decision-making process and while you are putting your decision into action.