You are at risk of becoming trapped if you take out loans.

Eight of Swords

Your tarot card for today is the Eight of Swords.

This card is a warning that you may currently be feeling trapped and helpless. If you haven't been, you need to be very cautious with your next moves and triple think about each significant decision before setting it in stone.

The Eight of Swords appears when there's entrapment and loss of power going on in your life. If it hasn't happened yet, it might be about to. One of the things it usually represents is becoming trapped in a never-ending debt after taking out some risky loans.

If you haven't already taken out any loans, the Eight of Swords is putting on the red light for you to stop and do some serious thinking before you proceed. Otherwise, you could end up helpless and trapped in a debt that costs much more to get out of than what you expected.

What type of loans should you avoid?

The Eight of Swords is a sign that you're either feeling trapped by loans or are about to become trapped if you don't make the right move. There are several different types of loans, some more likely to trap you than others.

Here are some types of loans the Eight of Swords wants you to be wary of.

Avoid payday loans at all costs.

Payday loans are considered to be the absolute worst of them all. They have incredibly high-interest rates and have the capability of trapping you for a very long time. Even if the loans you took out weren't huge, you'd most likely end up paying much, much more.

Save your credit score and avoid getting trapped in a cash advance loan.

Cash advance loans come in at a close second to payday loans. This is because of their ridiculously high fees and interest rates. Taking one out makes you very vulnerable to falling into a cycle of debt that can end up making you feel hopeless and very broke.

You might have to begin walking everywhere if you take out an auto title loan.

Another type of loan you should try to avoid at all costs is an auto title loan. These loans have very short pay times, high-interest rates, and sometimes even hidden fees. Worst of all, you have to sign over your vehicle as a form of collateral!

That means if you cannot make those unreasonable payments on time, you can kiss your car goodbye!

Consider alternatives to taking out loans.

The Eight of Swords wants you to know that there are alternatives to taking out one of those risky, unfair loans.

If you really need cash in a hurry, consider these other options that are less likely to trap you in a never-ending cycle of debt.

Borrow from a friend or family member.

If you need some quick cash and know that you can pay it all back in a reasonable amount of time, consider asking a friend or family member. If they have the money, they will most likely do it without the crazy interest rates. Just make sure to pay as promised, or you risk ruining a good relationship.

Look into local charities or other community helping organizations in your area.

There may be a local charity or organization in your community that has a program aimed at helping those in the community who are in desperate need of some money. You can either pay them back when you can or volunteer and help raise the money back if you are in that much of a pinch.

Do a few odd jobs for extra cash.

Check out your local classified ads, newspaper, or social media groups. There are always people looking for help with odd jobs. You can easily make extra cash mowing lawns, shoveling snow, cleaning out gutters, etc.