You are about to feel some well-deserved relief.

Six of Swords

Today's tarot card of the day is the Six of Swords.

This is a very symbolic card, and the images it displays are metaphoric. Especially the water.

When this card appears, you should take it as a sign that you are about to feel some well-deserved relief.

To learn more about what message the Six of Swords is bringing you today, continue reading.

What does the water in the Six of Swords represent?

The Six of Swords shows a man paddling him and his loved ones on a body of water. This is a sign that you are moving on in life and leaving behind troubling circumstances.

As you can see in the lower right corner, the water appears to be rougher looking than the rest. This is a metaphor indicating that you are now leaving, or are about to leave, a situation or circumstance that hasn't been serving you any good.

You're ready to pack up yourself and your family and get out of there. The Six of Swords wants you to know that smooth sailing lies ahead if you find the courage to leave behind whatever is troubling you.

What type of situations does the Six of Swords suggest you may be soon escaping?

The Six of Swords indicates that you haven't been having things be too easy for you lately. You're about to cross the line from unpleasant situations and troubling circumstances to relief and a better way of living.

Cutting ties and escaping troubling relationships.

The Six of Swords says that if any relationships in your life have been causing you problems lately or have grown to become toxic for you, you may be ready to let go of it.

It could be a relationship with family, friends, or a lover. You're ready to cut ties and move away from anyone holding you back in life or making things difficult for you.

Leaving a job that's doing you no good.

The Six of Swords could also indicate you've been working at a job that's provided you with no opportunities for advancement. If you feel bored or stuck in the same position in your current job, the Six of Swords suggests that now may be the time to look for something better.

Or perhaps you're job's been very stressful lately, or your boss has been giving you a hard time at work. The Six of Swords wants you to know that if your job makes life hard for you and you are unhappy with it, you should consider looking for a different one.

What action should you take to leave behind whatever is troubling you?

The Six of Swords wants you to leave things not serving you any good in the past and move forward in life onto bigger, brighter, and better things. Here are some ways you can deal with leaving behind different challenging situations.

Leaving toxic relationships and letting go of negative people in your life.

Suppose anyone seems to be holding you back from progressing in life or dragging you down with them. Now is the time to let them go. Try to distance yourself from this person and completely cut all ties from them if you must.

You don't want to keep people preventing you from happiness and personal growth in your life. If they were an essential part of your life, they wouldn't be dragging you down, making things hard for you.

Start searching for a new job if your current one makes you unhappy and is a dead end.

Suppose your current job stresses you out or makes you unhappy. In that case, now is the time to start searching for a new one. Don't just quit your job on the spot right now because not having another job lined up could make your current situation even more stressful.

Start looking at job listings online or in your local newspaper. Be sure you have a for sure job lined up before leaving your current job that's making your life hard.