Treasure the memories of your childhood.

Six of Cups

The Six of Cups is the tarot card of the day.

This is a card that brings you memories back from your past, more specifically from when you were a child.

When the Six of Cups appears, it’s asking you to do some reminiscing. Think about the most significant memories that come from your childhood. What memories stand out the most to you? Which ones to you hold near and dear, and treasure?

The Six of Cups wants you to remember these memories and take yourself back to a time where things were a lot more innocent and pure.

What memories from your childhood do you treasure the most?

The Six of Cups asks you to think about what memories you treasure the most from your childhood. Take yourself back to the simpler times in your life and remember the good and innocence that once filled your life.

Here are some things to try to remember to help trigger the memories you should treasure.

Do you remember any significant birthday events and holidays?

The Six of Cups says that birthday parties and holiday events with family are some of the best memories from your childhood.

Think about the birthday parties you had or attended as a child. Which ones were the best? What made you feel the happiest?

Or think about the holiday events you may have celebrated with your family. What was one thing that you will never forget about it? Do any funny stories come to mind?

The Six of Cups wants you to remember these joy-filled times from your childhood and let the memories flow. Let yourself be filled with wholesome feelings and treasure the good times you’ve had.

What accomplishments and success did you achieve during your childhood?

The Six of Cups reminds you to think of the times you achieved your goals as a child and came out on top.

Try to remember any time you may have been awarded something or received praise for your hard work and dedication. Maybe you won special awards at your school. Or perhaps you received recognition for having good grades.

If school wasn’t exactly your thing as a child, what else did you excel in? The Six of Cups asks you to remember any successes you had outside of school as well.

Maybe you were on a sports team and led yourself and your team members to victory. Or perhaps you joined or created a club of some sorts and helped it reach its goals.

The Six of Cups wants you to remember your success and accomplishments and remember how proud you were as a child. Doing so could provide you with a boost of motivation. Remembering to treasure those memories could help push you to continue succeeding and doing great things in your life today.

How can you remember and treasure your childhood memories?

The Six of Cups is asking you to reminisce about your childhood so that you can remember the best times in your life and treasure them.

Here is one of the best things you can do so that you can trigger your memory and spark those wholesome, feel-good feelings.

Bring out and look at the pictures from your childhood.

Looking at pictures from your childhood is one of the best ways to bring memories that you treasure flooding through your mind. Pull out your old photo books and take a look through them.

Or, if you don’t have any old photobooks of your own, try contacting your parents, siblings, or other family members. Ask if they have any you can take a look through.

You could also try to track down and contact any old childhood friends to see if they have any as well. If they don’t, even meeting up for a coffee and reminiscing together will be a great way to bring back the memories you treasure together.