Getting the love you desire will require a lot of effort, self-improvement, vulnerability, and surrender.

Nine of Wands

For this love reading, you drew the Nine of Wands.

The Nine of Wands describes a state of defensiveness, weariness, or guardedness. You have been through a lot and it has taken its toll on you. Both your mind and body are tired, but you know you are not ready to give up. You are always on guard, protecting yourself from anything that might come your way.

Your walls are up now, but keep in mind that being in this state prevents you from being vulnerable, which is necessary for building authentic connections. You may be a bit paranoid and find it difficult to trust others, likely due to past experiences.

Trust the Process

Baggage from the past could be affecting your relationship right now, and you may not even be aware of it. Perhaps there were things that happened in your past that have caused you to put up walls and barriers, making it difficult for you to trust fully in your partner. This lack of trust could be causing problems in your relationship, leading to constant fighting that is taking a toll on both you and your partner.

However, for the sake of your relationship, you are willing to keep going, despite how tired you may be. You don't want to give up, but not giving up is not enough. You should still be willing to tear down your walls and trust in the connection that you have.

It's important to recognize that building trust takes time, and it's something that you and your partner will need to work on together. Perhaps you can start by having open and honest conversations about your past experiences and how they have shaped your behavior in the present. This can help to create a deeper level of understanding and empathy between the two of you.

If you're single, getting the Nine of Wands could mean that you're more careful with your heart because of the past. You have become too wary and no longer believe people's intentions. It's understandable that you may be hesitant to let someone into your heart, but it's important to remember that not everyone is the same.

Perhaps opening yourself up to the possibility of love again could lead to a fulfilling relationship in the future. Don't give up on love just because of past experiences—take the time to heal and learn from them, and you may find that a new relationship can bring new joy and happiness into your life.

Practice Vulnerability and Honesty

Being open and honest with someone is not always easy, but it's an essential part of building a closer, deeper, and more authentic relationship. Whether it's with friends, family, or a romantic partner, vulnerability is a way to keep us all honest with each other and ourselves. It can help break down walls, avoid miscommunication, and allow us to be our true selves.

Being vulnerable is also a way for you to learn more about yourself and improve your relationships. Trust and honesty are built when you open up and let go of your fear of rejection. It can also help you become more empathetic and build stronger connections.

Sometimes, it's difficult to open up because we're not even completely vulnerable with ourselves. However, talking about what's going on in your life with someone else can help you become more comfortable with vulnerability. Whether it's a stranger or someone new at work, sharing your experiences can be a positive step forward. It doesn't have to be a negative experience; it could be something that made you smile.

If you don't have a partner yet, try practicing vulnerability with people in your life. As you open up more, there's more room for new people to come into your life.

Another way to be vulnerable is to share your goals, whether they're short-term or long-term. When you talk about your goals and why they're important to you, it's easy to connect with someone else. Best of all, you may find a cheerleader who is excited to see you succeed and even willing to help you on your journey.

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