Who Are the Ascended Masters and How to Connect With Them

Ever heard of “Ascended Masters? It’s a term used to describe enlightened beings that are believed to have evolved to the highest spiritual hierarchy. In the field of energy healing and other spiritual matters, ascended matters occupy a position that ranks them higher than spirit guides and guardian angels.

It is believed that one can connect with these enlightened beings to seek guidance and direction. Who exactly are these Ascended Masters and how can you connect with them? Read on to learn more.

Who are the Ascended Masters?

The Ascended Masters are individuals who have gained full mastery over the natural planes and have fulfilled their divine plan (Dharma) and balanced out all their negative karma. This allowed them to ascend to a level of expression that is above human.

Ascended Masters have achieved an all-powerful superhuman divinity status. But they have done so by generating enough love and power needed to break the cycle of reincarnation that all humans are subjected to.

This is known as self-mastery and it is defined as the process of becoming more enlightened. Self-mastery is attained by making consistent positive choices even when faced with difficulty and overriding the negative expression of human nature using nothing but sheer will. Beings who have completed this journey of self-mastery end up leaving the body and ascending to a higher spiritual plane where they are referred to as Ascended Masters.

There are several Ascended Masters (they are believed to be as many as 60). Examples include Jesus, Buddha, St. Francis, the Mother Mary, St. Germaine, Vishnu, and several other individuals cutting across various faiths and creeds.

Although each of these Ascended Masters are believed to have different roles, they all have the same purpose of assisting humans on their journey towards their ascension. Like the Ascended Masters, every human can also achieve a state of ascension after passing through various challenges and making positive life choices in the course of their rebirths.

The Ascended Masters have completed these rebirths and now work to help increase our awareness of the spiritual. Anyone willing enough can experience a connection with an Ascended Master. Such an experience is a life-changing experience through which you can seek guidance, healing, wisdom, and so on.

How to connect with the Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters have acquired vast knowledge and mastery over the spiritual. They exist to help those seeking guidance and wisdom for the spiritual, physical, and mental aspects of their life and it is possible to connect with them to seek help with this.

An Ascended Master can serve as your spiritual guide or teacher. But you have to open yourself up to connect with them consciously. Like angels and other spiritual beings, they exist at a higher level of vibration and you have to deepen your spiritual understanding if you must connect with them.

It is possible to connect with an Ascended Master through meditation, dreams, intuitive readings, and other methods.

To make a connection with an Ascended Master, look for a quiet place that feels sacred to you. You can light a candle, burn incense or use any other type of vibrational tool that you prefer. Get into a meditative state by taking deep breaths and saying affirmative prayers.

Be clear about your intentions to connect with a specific master (preferably a master whose role is similar to what you need help with). Call on that master and keep your thoughts fixed on him/her as you reflect silently. You can also tone or hum if you want and document anything you feel, see or hear in a journal.

You may merely seek a connection with an Ascended Master or ask for direct guidance regarding an issue you’re facing in your life. Look out for the Ascended Masters lucky numbers as well. When you see the numbers 333, it means the Ascended Masters are near, and connecting with them is easier.

Establishing a connection with an Ascended Master is all about opening your heart, mind, and body to receive energy from them. The Ascended Masters are always available to those who can let go of control and surrender themselves enough to allow their presence.

You’ll know when you’ve been able to connect to an Ascended Master as you’ll feel an overwhelmingly positive and beautiful presence. This may be in the form of a pouring light, strong emotions of love, a higher level of energy, and so on.

Powerful spiritual guidance

A connection with an Ascended Master is a tangible experience that you’ll most likely experience for the rest of your life. More than just seeking a sacred message, a personal connection with one or more Ascended Masters is something that should be desired. It leaves you with an indescribable feeling of love and gratitude. You’ll also benefit immensely from the abundance of wisdom and guidance that this connection brings.

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