What Your Zodiac Sign Can Tell You About Your Dreams

People who believe in astrology rely on horoscopes to get an idea of what to expect in their life and how to prepare for it. But aside from studying your astrology chart, another thing that can provide some information about your life is a dream.

While the cause of dreams is still unclear, dream experts believe that what you see in your dream can be a window to your waking life. But interpreting dreams can be a little challenging. While some believe that a dream is only an extension of your pent-up emotions manifesting in your subconscious, others hold that a dream may have deep spiritual meaning.

Experts take different approaches to interpret dreams, but one of the most efficient ways to interpret dreams is to examine them from an astrological point of view.

Star alignments and dreams

Usually, dreams are inspired by events and issues in your personal life, relationship, career, and other aspects of your life. But if your dream has an overriding theme that you’re finding difficult to connect with events in your daily life, the answer might be in the stars.

The transit of celestial bodies and their alignments can have an effect on the type of dreams you have. So keeping track of the transit of the celestial bodies can help with dream interpretation.

As the planets move in their orbit around the sun, they align with the zodiac signs for a brief period. Your dreams at a particular time may be influenced by the sun sign at that particular time. For instance, during the Aries season, your dreams are likely to feature more conflicts than they would normally do.

Your dreams may also be affected by planets in your sign as well. If you’re experiencing a Pluto transit, for instance, your dreams are likely to be deeper than usual. Similarly, you may experience dreams relating to water if Neptune is in your sign. Paying attention to the properties of different planets will help you better understand their influence on your dreams.

The moon and your dream

The moon is important both in astrology and dream interpretation. The moon is known to manipulate dreams in various ways. Hence it is often a major consideration when attempting to interpret dreams.

The moon enters the 12 signs of the zodiac signs and the 12 hours as it moves through different phases in every given month. Since these zodiac signs and houses rule different aspects of a person’s life, the current position of the moon in relation to these signs can shape the kinds of dreams you’ll be having.

You’ll have the most vivid dreams when the moon’s position is the same as the sign at the time of your birth because your lunar connection is strongest at this time. If you’re a Taurus for instance, your 12th house of Karma and dreams is governed by the Audacious Aries which means you’ll have the most vivid dreams when the moon is in this position.

Your birth chart and your dreams

Aside from the effects of cosmic bodies on your dreams, your astrological chart also has an effect on your dream. Your birth chart sums up your personality traits and can also provide some insights into your interests, goals, and ambition. But dream experts believe that your chart can also provide an explanation for your dream pattern.

Birth charts provide another angle from which dreams and their interpretation can be explored. Different zodiac signs are also more likely to dream about certain things than others. In every individual, your dream may be a reflection of your sun sign, moon sign, rising sign, or any other planetary sign.

Not only does your birth chart provide some insights into how your dreams should be interpreted, the type of dreams you have can also reveal some information about how you express the traits and values in your sign.

Your dreams may reveal sacred messages

The trick to starting to understand your dreams better is to start paying more attention and keeping track of them. Start writing down your dreams (even if you only remember them in fragments). Keep a dream journal and try to correlate your dream to your stars, the moon, and your birth chart. This will help you discover the correlation between them and establish a connection for easier interpretation.

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