The Connection Between Gemstones and Astrology

Gemstones have an important place in astrology. More than just their beauty, impressive colors, and shapes, these stones also have qualities that make them attractive from an astrological point of view.

The use of gemstones in astrology dates back thousands of years. Gemstones have long been considered great sources of cosmic power with innate abilities to protect, heal and stimulate energy. Different stones have been used for different purposes throughout history based on their unique characteristics.

In Vedic Astrology, gemstones were used to counteract negative planetary effects and improve the outcome of positive sacred messages. Different types of gemstones may also be recommended for an individual based on their respective horoscope. Read on to discover the basis for this usage and the various ways gemstones have found application in Astrology.

Basis of Gemstone Usage in Astrology

Astrologers believe that different stones are imbued with several unique but sometimes overlapping attributes. Not only can gemstones be similar to each other, but they also tend to share attributes with cosmic bodies and astrological placement. This is a major factor that accounts for their significance in astrology.

It is believed that everything on this planet is energy and they are all interrelated. Similarities in certain properties are a further demonstration of the interrelation between these entities. Therefore, it is possible to draw a connection between gems, planets, and constellations by looking at their properties.

Take a gemstone such as diamond for instance which is one of the most well-known gemstones in the world. Diamond is popular for its purity and hardness. This gemstone shares these unique characteristics with the planet Saturn. Hence, it is believed that the energy of Saturn is at work in diamond and its character is reflected in the stone.

Other attributes of the stone can also be linked to other cosmic bodies and may translate to real-life attributes in people based on their associated constellations. The glittering light of the diamond, for instance, is often associated with the sun’s vitality. This is often interpreted as cheerfulness. Combined with its relation to the planet Saturn, using this gemstone is believed to make your purposely, stronger and imperturbable purposefulness.


One of the basis of associating gemstones with planets is the color that emanates from them. If the wavelength of the colored light from the gemstone matches that of the planet, both bodies are often believed to have the same nature and characteristics.

Typically, if a person falls short in energy or vibration related to that particular cosmic body, astrologers may recommend a gemstone to fill that energy gap. This is based on the theory that corresponding gemstones can increase the power of specific planets on a chart.


The composition of a gemstone is another factor that may influence its usage in astrology. Gemstones are natural compounds formed from a combination of various minerals. Like light, the minerals are also commonly associated with the planets and are believed to imply different characteristics.

By wearing a gemstone as a ring, pendant, or bracelet and keeping it in close contact with the body, there is a transfer of minerals from the gemstones to the wearer's body. As these minerals are absorbed by the system, a person’s overall system is strengthened according to the stone’s attributes.

How Gemstones Are Used in Astrology

Now that we understand why gemstones are used in astrology and their significance, how exactly are they used? There are different opinions and perspectives among astrologers about how gemstones should be used. In particular, Vedic astrologers and western astrologers disagree widely on the principles behind gemstone usage. Regardless of the ideologies, the importance of gemstones in astrology is undisputed.

Astrologers often recommend stones based on a person’s astrology signs or constellations on an horoscopic chart. There are specific stones that are associated with luck for different zodiac signs and some that should be avoided based on an individual’s personal horoscope.

An expert astrologer may consider your horoscope along with circumstances relating to your present state or situation to arrive at a conclusion and recommend the best gemstone for you. Stones like this may be worn anytime and for as long as possible.

Also, in Vedic astrology, gemstones may be recommended to address specific situations and treat specific diseases. In cases like this, once the situation or issue has passed, the usage of that stone is often discontinued.


In both Vedic and western astrology, it isn’t uncommon for gemstones to be associated with an individual's birth chart, star constellation, or planet. Different gemstones may also be recommended to bring good luck to an individual or even to solve specific issues.

You can benefit immensely and bring balance to your life by introducing the energy of the right type of gemstone to your life.

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