The Secret Meaning Behind Your Birth Month

Have you ever wondered what your birth month says about your personality? According to astrology, each birth month has specific qualities and traits displayed by those born under it. The numbers that correspond to each month also hold specific meanings.


People born in this month are known to be good leaders. They are an independent, analytical, clever, creative, and calm person that usually makes a great leader. With your charisma people are always happy to follow you because you enjoy making people happy around you.

You prefer a conventional life to others. January-born people are quiet people however they easily get tense or excited. When it comes to managing your money, you are prudent and you think twice before spending.

Personality Traits: serious, reserved, motivated, attentive, sociable, stubborn.


You have a sincere heart and are a sensitive person. You value relationships with other people but you are easily offended. Finding a lifelong partner is your goal and if you fail you become depressed and negative. Your caring heart makes you an exceptional parent.

These people are ambitious and successful. They always strive for the best in life, which is what makes them so goal-oriented. You care deeply for the people in your life and will do anything to make sure they are happy.

You're not one to get worked up over something minor, but if someone takes advantage of that sensitive soul of yours or does something wrong by hurting you? Anger is a very common response from you.

Personality Traits: realistic, intelligent, sexy, attractive, temperamental, shy, humble, quiet, honest, loyal, and smart.


March-born people are very lucky when it comes to attracting money because wherever you go there is a potential to make a lot of money, but be careful it also loses quickly due to your addiction and vices. You have struggled when it comes to serious relationships because you are susceptible to cheating, but when you do fall in love it is extremely deep.

You love peace and tranquility and often fantasize. Traveling is what you love and serving people working at airlines might suit you. On the negative side, you get angry easily and are very revengeful.

Personality Traits: attractive, sexy, reserved, shy, secretive, honest, sensitive, generous, and understanding.


April-born people are stubborn, bossy, smart, ambitious, and creative, a great combination for a great leader. It's important not to be too bossy or you can push people away, but nothing will stop your way of achieving your goals.

You are charismatic, that is why your friends and lovers love to be around you. You are a best friend to anyone because you are generous, caring, and loving but due to your friendliness, they take advantage of you. People often come to you for your advice because they see you as an excellent problem solver.

Personality Traits: active, dynamic, decisive, emotional


May-born people can make anyone feel like the most important person in their world. You fall in love easily and deeply but you also get angered easily when people hurt you. A good communicator because you love to spend a lot on socializing and are good at expressing yourself to others. You are often a talented musician, actor, or writer.

Personality Traits: stubborn, motivated, understanding, hardworking, beautiful, strong-willed, hard-hearted.


You are a fantastic lover; you are a very sensual and romantic but jealous person. Don’t be too attached to your post that you forget to live in the moment. You are a person who thrives on new adventures, but you often put off doing anything because of your lack of confidence.

You're always hesitant to take risks with yourself or others due to the possibility that it may not work out as planned which can make life very boring for someone like yourself.

Personality Traits: Polite, kind, sensitive, stubborn, temperamental, humorous, talkative, daydreamer, and friendly.


People often see you as an introvert but when you make friends, it is for life because of your candid personality you are loved by people you are close with. While it takes a long time for you to recover from an injury, your forgiving nature means that injuries are often forgotten. However, this also makes trusting others difficult as they can hurt again at any moment without warning or offering any indication of what may happen next.

Personality Traits: Funny, Secretive, quiet, honest, friendly, temperamental, tactful, moody, witty, caring.


You are an infectious person because of your enthusiasm, you inspire people, you are described by many as loving because you care so deeply around you and have respect for relationships and marriage. You trust easily which makes you vulnerable. You have the qualities of an excellent leader and succeed in this position because your quick thinking, independent thought process helps you make smart decisions.

Personality Traits: Humorous, romantic, friendly, sensitive, generous, egotistic, caring, fearless, brave.


When choosing your partner, you are very picky but when you find the right one you are altruistic and loyal. You are a highly spiritual person and also intelligent. You are susceptible to depression so don’t be so hard on yourself. With a natural tendency toward organization, people born this month are the perfect fit for jobs that require stability and precision.

Personality Traits: careful, quiet, stubborn, calm, sympathetic, understanding.


You have a big and kind soul. Friends are the most important part of your life; you love chatting and meeting new people and being the center of attention. October-born people are lucky, they can get anything they want by just thinking about what they want and it will happen. You must know how to handle your anger; don’t be vindictive; it will not do good for you if you want to become a popular leader.

Personality Traits: loyal, opinionated, fair, emotional, honest, decisive.


Don't let your anger get the best of you. You prefer to be alone because being in relationships makes your insecurity worse than it already was before. You are a thinking person. You have a lot of great plans and it's only natural that you want to see them through for everything else around us to be better too.

You have strong determination and positivity; you work hard and achieve your dream of securing your future. Don’t be bothered too much about money matters.

Personality Traits: psychic, hardworking, romantic, sensitive, emphatic, dynamic.


You are a people-pleaser and enjoy the limelight but you're not self-centered or pretend to be something that you aren't. Often becoming the most popular man/woman you love socialization that leads you to ignore your responsibilities. You hate being restricted because of your impatience and impulsiveness.

Personality Traits: Trustworthy, patriotic, interactive, generous, sexy, honest.

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