How to Read Yes/No Tarot Cards

Each tarot card has a different personal meaning, which makes them unique to one another. When you want to ask a simple yes or no question, it can seem like it is impossible to distinguish whether or not you have drawn a yes or no tarot card.

Thankfully, there are a few tricks and hints to remember to help you understand the message your tarot card is trying to give to you.

Determining whether a tarot card is a yes or no mostly has to do with simple symbolism. It doesn't take a lot of memorizing to decipher your yes or no question correctly.

To learn more about the tricks and hints to help you determine whether a tarot card is a yes card or a no card, during a yes no tarot reading, continue on reading.

Does a tarot card mean Yes or No?

Want to determine whether a tarot card means yes or no? One of the simple tricks to help you remember what each one means, look at the card's suit. The tarot cards suit plays a vital role in indicating whether the cards are saying yes or no.

Here's what each suit of the minor arcana tarot cards means.

The Suit of Wands

When a card from the suit of wands appears during a yes no tarot reading, it is telling you "yes."

However, the wands don't only mean yes. The full answer for a wands card would indicate is that it is a yes, but you will need to put in work and effort for whatever it is saying yes to.

For example, suppose you asked, "will I ever be able to reach my goal weight?" Then you shuffled your deck and then pulled a card from the suit of wands. That would mean that, yes, you will get there on your health journey.

However, the extra weight you're carrying won't just disappear out of thin air or be given to you as a gift.

You'll have to work hard so you can burn off fat and calories the healthy way. It may not be the ideal situation, but your efforts will pay off, and you will eventually reach your goal.

The Suit of Cups

When a card from the suit of cups appears while you're doing a yes no tarot reading, the answer is yes.

Like the suit of wands, the answer yes comes with a bit of a side message when the suit of cups gets a card pulled. The suit of cups is telling you yes, things will naturally come to you. You don't have to worry, stress, or try to force things to happen. They will occur on their own as they should.

For example, suppose you asked your tarot cards the question, "will I ever find true love?" After shuffling your deck, you pull a card to reveal a card from the suit of cups.

You should now know that yes, you will find true love. However, it would be best if you didn't try to force anything to happen romantically. Just let the universe work its magic, and everything will fall into place.

The Suit of Pentacles

Yes is the answer when the suit of pentacles shows up in a tarot card reading with a yes or no question.

The catch is, the answer yes comes with a price for you to pay. If you pay your dues, the yes will come true, the suit of pentacles shows.

For example, if you were to ask the tarot, "will I ever get a new car?" the suit of pentacles is telling you that yes, you can get a new car.

Your new car won't come for free, however. You will need to pay the price and will be able to soon, as long as you're smart with your finances.

The Suit of Swords

When you're doing a yes no tarot card reading and the card you pull is from the suit of swords, the answer is a solid no. While this may not be a desirable answer, or the one you were hoping for, don't think about it negatively.

The suit of swords is saying no because it wants you to step back and rethink things. Reevaluate the situation and put a bit more thought into it before making a final decision. Otherwise, you could make mistakes and regret jumping the gun in the first place.

For example, if you ask the tarot the question "should I quit my job?" and you then pull a card from the suit of swords, it's telling you no for a reason. Don't just go and quit your job without thinking things through first. Before proceeding, you should think about the aftermath of your decisions.

Do you have another job lined up or a backup plan?

The suit of swords wants you to make sure all your ends are secure. That way, you don't have to struggle even more after making an impulsive choice without thinking things through and the consequences that are to come of it.

The Major Arcana

When you receive a major arcana card during a yes no tarot reading, they don't really have a solid yes or no to provide you with. A major arcana card pulled for a yes or no question tells you "good luck" with a hint of advice, depending on the card.

Here are the advice hints for each major arcana tarot card.

  • The Fool: Start fresh.
  • The Magician: You have the power to take action into your own hands.
  • The High Priestess: You can find the answers within.
  • The Empress: You have the ability to create your reality.
  • The Emperor: Take authority over things to achieve your goals.
  • The Hierophant: Educate yourself.
  • The Lovers: Turn to a partner for help.
  • The Chariot: Strive for victory.
  • Strength: Be patient.
  • The Hermit: Gain introspection.
  • Wheel of Fortune: Fulfill your destiny.
  • Justice: Make the decision you feel is right.
  • The Hanged Man: You may need to make a sacrifice.
  • Death: Begin a transition or transformation.
  • Temperance: Find balance.
  • The Devil: Break free from toxicity.
  • The Tower: Accept the fact that all things happen for a reason.
  • The Star: Have hope.
  • The Moon: Don't be naive.
  • The Sun: Surround yourself with what makes you feel alive.
  • Judgment: Renew your thoughts and rebirth ideas.
  • The World: Accomplish what you have already started.

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