How to Prepare for a Tarot Card Reading

If you're a beginner tarot card reader, you may feel you don't know where to begin. Feeling uncertain about what you're doing can make your reading feel not right. It could even prevent you from doing future readings.

Alternatively, you may have been thinking about going to a professional to have your tarot cards read. Or, someone close to you wants to practice their card reading skills on you.

To make the absolute most out of your tarot card reading, whether it be you reading the cards or someone reading cards for you, there are some ways you can prepare beforehand.

Continue reading to learn more about preparing to give or receive a tarot card reading.

How to prepare to give a tarot reading

Most tarot card readers have their sacred space or set up that they like to use while doing tarot card readings. This place could be an altar with a whole ritual setup or just a nice and quiet spot they want to sit.

When creating a sacred tarot card reading space, make sure it includes things that make you feel comfortable and that you think are important to you.

Technically, it isn't necessary to have anything else with you but your cards. However, most tarot card readers prefer to have special items and setups that make them feel relaxed and in touch with their intuition.

Some items that tarot card readers like the have handy while reading include:

  • Crystals and stones (Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, etc.)
  • Candles (different colors for different things)
  • Sage
  • Incense
  • Alter and table cloth
  • Pendulum

Get in touch with and use your intuition

Before beginning a reader, you should try to connect with your intuition. You can do so by ensuring your mind is completely clear, especially of any negative thoughts or feelings.

Before a tarot card reading, one way to connect with your intuition is to meditate. While meditating, you can also focus on breathwork. Doing so will relax you and leave your mind blank, allowing for a quick and straightforward connection with your intuitive self.

Once relaxed and connected with your intuition, you need to be sure to use it as well. Listen closely to the way it makes you feel and any sacred messages it may be bringing you. Your intuition is the ultimate guide to an accurate and helpful tarot card reading.

When disconnected from and unable to use your intuition, your tarot card readings may become confusing, negative feeling, or not meaningful.

Get ready to be completely honest

When reading tarot cards for yourself or anyone else, you need to be ready to tell the truth about what the tarot cards are saying.

While reading another person's cards, if a card comes up that may cause an adverse reaction in them, you may feel like not telling them what the cards are saying. While it may seem like a good idea to avoid any conflict, you shouldn't hold back on telling them what they need to hear. If it's a more sensitive topic, think of how you can explain to them lightly what it means and help them by providing extra advice.

It would be best always to be completely honest about what the cards are telling you when reading other people's tarot cards. It's disrespectful to both the cards and the person you're reading for when you aren't.

How to prepare to receive a tarot reading

Whether you're receiving an online tarot ready, a paid, or free tarot reading. There are some things you can do to prepare to help ensure you get the best tarot card reading experience possible.

It isn't your complete responsibility to ensure you have a pleasant, successful tarot card reading.

However, there are some things that you can do to prepare beforehand to make things easier for both yourself and your tarot card reader. Doing those things can increase your level of satisfaction with how the reading goes.

Don't have any unrealistic expectations.

One mistake people make when they have their tarot cards read is having expectations. Try to avoid having expectations about how the reading is supposed to get done and what the outcome is supposed to be. Those expectations can lead to confusion or disappointment, especially if they're unrealistic.

Have a positive attitude before beginning your reading.

Maintain an optimistic attitude before your reading and throughout the reading as well. It can make a world of difference with how satisfied you are with the outcome of your reading.

Provide your reader with the appropriate information.

Be willing to work with your reader and provide them with the appropriate information when asked. Many people get their tarot cards read and sit there without giving the reader any information or past context, expecting them to know.

Not all readers are psychic like that, and providing them with context and specific information will help them interpret the cards better for you.


Tarot card readings are supposed to be fun, light-hearted, and help provide helpful insight to those who seek it. Remember to keep things light and remain optimistic, whether you're reading someone else's cards or having your tarot cards read.

Being prepared to give and receive tarot card readings is one of the best ways to ensure each reading is fulfilling and meaningful.

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