How Does Astrology Work for Twins?

Twins are fascinating, the idea that two people can have so much in common is mindblowing. But not only do twins share similar DNA and physical attributes, for people that believe in Astrology, the possibility that they also could be sharing the same birth chart and sacred message is also beyond incredible.

People often wonder how astrology works for twins. Even though they were born at almost the same time, how do these two individuals manage to sometimes lead entirely different lives? What exactly is the role of astrology in all of these?

Twins, but Different Charts

Let’s make it clear at this point that not all twins will share an identical birth chart. A person’s birth chart depends on the position of the constellations at the exact time that they were born (sometimes down to the minute they were born). The implication of this is that for twins to have identical birth charts, they must have been born within minutes of each other.

So whether or not twins will have the same birth chart depends on the exact time they were born and the amount of time that passes between both births. Some astrological constellations change very quickly. For rising stars, for instance, the placement changes by about a degree in four minutes and you’ll end up with an entirely new sign within two hours.

Hence, for twins born during a rising sign, even a few minutes of difference can lead to an entirely different zodiac house. The result is that the twins will end up with different birth charts and remarkable differences in their forecast.

Twins With the Same Chart

But the situation above isn’t always the case. In fact, for a good number of twins, their birth chart is so identical that the Astrological forecast for both of them will be quite similar or just the same. But even for these people, having identical charts does not mean they’ll have the same personality traits.

There are indeed twins with similar traits, similar interests, and an alignment in most of their major life events and this can be attributed to the fact that they share similar birth charts which makes them so closely similar.

But even in many cases, an identical birth chart does not directly translate to having the same interests and personality traits. This can be explained by various factors ranging from psychological to physical and even spiritual.

Psychological Factors

Twin siblings sharing the same astrology chart may be influenced by psychological circumstances to lead entirely different lives in terms of their interests, character, and habits. From birth, twins have to live their lives sharing everything. They are consistently compared to each other by friends and family.

In many cases, they will try to distinguish themselves by developing diverging interests and traits. So even though they are still bound by the same chart, they will manifest different aspects of the chart. This will make them appear unique. This phenomenon is likely to be more pronounced in twins that were raised in the same place by the same family.

If the twins were to be separated at birth and they lead entirely different lives, chances are high that their personality traits and life choices mirror each other more closely. This is sort of counterintuitive since many would expect twins raised under the same roof to develop the same habits. But this is hardly ever the case.

Consider the Context

An astrological chart is not a tell-all picture of a person’s life. There are several contextual information that is not shown from the birth chart that may influence a person’s life. So even though two people have the same chart, they may still be different.

For instance, the difference in gender, cultural influences, and other factors may affect the expression of the chart in either twin. Also, it is important to note that the chart only reveals natural tendencies. There is a range of expressions for each of these tendencies that changes a lot with context.

The Soul and Free Will

Everyone (even twins) is born with different levels of consciousness. Inherently, they do not share the same soul even if their birth charts are the same. The mere fact that they’re two different individuals with different souls can make a world of difference in how their charts will be interpreted.

Even though a person’s birth chart says a lot about their fate, each person still has his free-will which allows them to make conscious decisions. Hence, the two individuals will react differently even under similar circumstances.


Although a person’s birth chart makes them share certain traits with other people, at the end of the day, everyone is different and that includes twins as well. The existence of different personality traits even with individuals with similar charts does not disprove the authenticity of astrology. It only demonstrates the effects of other factors in determining a person’s fated journey.

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