Free Angel Card Reading For Each Zodiac Sign

Ever wonder what messages your guardian angels might have for you? Well, today, you can find out with a free angel card reading.

This free angel reading uses angel oracle cards, specifically the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. It will give each zodiac sign some insight and advice, directly from their angels.

If you want to find out the sacred messages the angels have for your sign, continue reading.

Visualize Success

Aries: Visualize Success

Your angels are here to boost your confidence and reassure you that you have got what it takes to succeed, Aries. Close your eyes and picture yourself conquering any challenges in your way and achieving your set goals. Your angels want you to know that you can do it!


Taurus: Release

Your angels are here to help guide you away from the negativity that you do not need in your life, Taurus. Leave anything toxic behind in the past and move on with your life. It could be bad habits, situations, relationships, or friendships. If it is not serving you any good, it's time to release and let go.

Emotional Sensitivity

Gemini: Emotional Sensitivity

Your angels are telling you never to be ashamed of how deeply you feel about things, Gemini. Be proud of your passions and experience emotions as intensely as your heart desires. It's healthy to feel comfortable expressing yourself however you please. Your angels want you to embrace your emotional sensitivity.


Cancer: Goddess

The angels want you to know that you share a special connection with the Divine Feminine, Cancer. If you look within yourself, you'll discover that love and nurturing come naturally to you. Your angels also want you to know that you can trust your intuition. It's a gift from your inner goddess, so be sure to use it!

Base Chakra

Leo: Base Chakra

Your angels want you to fuel your base chakra energies, Leo. You can do so with the influence of your thoughts and words. If you think with optimism, good things are to happen for you. If you are pessimistic, it could draw negative energies in. Your angels want you to know that how you think and speak determines what you do and don't attract in life.

Crown Chakra

Virgo: Crown Chakra

Your guardian angels want you to know that you have been sent exceptional guidance from the Divine, Virgo. Listen closely to your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Those are what will hold the answers you have been searching for. Ignoring or dismissing those things can create blocks in your crown chakra, making you miss out on the collective wisdom that's being sent by the universe.

Heal Away Addictions

Libra: Heal Away Addictions

Your angels want you to assess your behaviors and compulsions now, Libra. Suppose you have any addictions or habits harmful to your health, relationships, or any other aspect of your life. In that case, it's time to get rid of them. Your angels are encouraging you to go on a healing journey so that you can live a free and happy life.


Scorpio: Vegetarian / Vegan

Your angels are here today with a tip for you to boost and raise your spiritual frequency, Scorpio. You may have been vibrating at a shallow frequency lately, and it could be dragging you down. Your angels want you to feed yourself with only organic and natural foods and avoid chemical preservatives. You will be feeling enlightened in no time!

Workshops and Seminars

Sagittarius: Workshops and Seminars

Your angels are here to let you know what a big part of your life's purpose is so that you don't miss out on fulfilling it, Sagittarius. You were brought into the world to learn and absorb all the knowledge from the universe that you can. You are also meant to teach all that you know to others and help spread wisdom. Your angels say attending or instructing workshops and seminars are fantastic ways for you to do so.

You are a Powerful Lightworker

Capricorn: You are a Powerful Lightworker

Your angels want to let you know that it is okay to be as powerful as you are, Capricorn. You have immense spiritual power, and your angels want you to be comfortable with it. It's a gift and blessing to you from the Divine. Your guardian angels want you to use your Divine spiritual power to help people heal and provide others with insight and spiritual wisdom.

Vacuum Away Fear

Aquarius: Vacuum Away Fear

Your angels want to help you rid yourself and those around you from negative energies that stem from fear, Aquarius. Either you or someone close to you may have recently encountered something scary and have absorbed the fear-based energies it emitted. Call upon the angels to help cleanse yourself and those around you of any second-hand negative energies and to keep you protected in the future.


Pisces: Mediumship

Your angels indicate that you're more connected to deceased loved ones than you may know, Pisces. If you have felt and recognized this profound connection, don't shrug it off. Trust that what you are feeling is very real. Your guardian angels want you to listen to any little messages you hear because they will be very healing for you.

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