Angel, Oracle, and Tarot Cards: What's the Difference?

One of the most popular tools used for divination purposes is the use of cards. A few different types of cards get used to help provide insight and guidance to those who seek it. Three of the most popular types of cards used for divination purposes include tarot cards, oracle cards, and angel oracle cards.

To learn about the difference between the three most popular types of divination cards, continue reading.

What are Oracle cards?

Oracle cards come in different designs and represent various symbolisms.

Oracle cards come in different designs and represent various symbolisms.

Oracle cards are used for divination purposes and usually contain life lesson stories or messages from spirit guides. Many oracle card decks are also astrology-based. Each oracle card deck is unique. This is because each deck has a different author and illustrator.

Oracle card decks often get made by people who identify as a psychic, medium, or are connected to the spiritual realm and the great Divine on higher levels than other people. They use their intuition and the wisdom and knowledge they obtain from their spiritual influences.

It's recommended that people who are new to cartomancy and divination should use oracle cards vs. tarot cards. They are much simpler to use with their guidebooks than trying to interpret tarot cards.

What are Angel Oracle cards?

Angel cards are a type of oracle cards used to connect with the angelic realm.

Angel cards are a type of oracle cards used to connect with the angelic realm.

Angel oracle cards come from a specific type of oracle card deck. Angel oracle card decks are made up of sacred messages and guidance brought to the author by angels. The cards are then used as messages and insights from your guardian angels when you use them.

Angel oracle cards often contain positive and uplifting messages and encourage you to live a life of love and light. They help people become more spiritually aware and in touch with their connections to their higher selves and angelic realms.

Angel oracle cards are the perfect choice for a beginner who wants to give divination a try. Once you get a better feel of how things work with an angel oracle deck, you'll be craving more soon!

What are Tarot cards?

Most tarot readers prefer to use the popular Rider-Waite tarot deck

Most tarot readers prefer to use the popular Rider-Waite tarot deck.

Tarot cards are the most popular choice for cartomancy and divination purposes. Tarot cards have been around for decades and have a specific set of rules, or tarot guide when it comes to using them.

You can use tarot cards for simple readings or detailed readings that provide the reader with lots of information and insight.

A lot more practice is needed to master the art of reading tarot vs. oracle cards. This is because there are usually more cards in a tarot deck (not all, though), and each tarot card has multiple meanings. The reader needs a lot of practice to interpret them correctly. In contrast, you only really need to read the guidebook that comes with them with oracle cards.

What's the difference? Oracle cards vs. Tarot cards

One of the most asked questions when it comes to divination cards is what the difference between tarot vs. oracle cards is?

The main difference is that tarot cards typically all follow the same set of rules. On the other hand, oracle cards are very versatile and don't have any rules at all. This is because each oracle card deck is unique and made by all sorts of different authors and illustrators.

Another difference is that oracles cards generally have fewer cards than a deck of tarot cards. Typically a deck of oracle cards will have 30-60 cards, whereas all tarot decks have 78 cards.

Tarot card decks are split into two classes; the major arcana and the minor arcana. The major arcana has 22 cards in it, and each one carries a very important message. The remaining cards in the minor arcana are split into four suits. Each of the four suits contains four courts cards and then numbers one through ten.

Oracle cards often don't have specific suits or classes. They are usually just numbered, however sometimes they get put into categories. It depends on the oracle card deck's creator, though.

Which should you use?

Starting your divination learning journey can seem a bit intimidating, especially if you have no idea where to start and what tools you should start with. If you're finding it difficult to choose between tarot vs. oracle cards, here are some things to keep in mind before you decide.

  • Oracle cards are much simpler to interpret and can easily be read by just using the guidebook.
  • Tarot cards require a lot of practice and are more challenging to read because each card has multiple meanings.
  • Oracle cards usually have limits and can only offer you so much information.
  • Tarot cards can provide you with tons of helpful information and guidance.
  • There are no rules regarding oracle cards vs. tarot cards which have a solid set of rules to go by.

Now that you know the difference between oracle cards vs. tarot cards, you're better equipped to determine which type of divination deck is right for you.

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