5 Common Dreams And Their Possible Interpretations

Although we may not always remember them, everybody dreams. The exact reason for dreams remains a mystery. Many believe that they provide a way for the mind to process the events of our daily lives. A lot of other postulations have been put forward to explain why we dream.

There are also differing opinions about how dreams should be interpreted. Many believe that the content of a person’s dream can reveal their unconscious desires. A lot of people also consider dreams to be spiritual or a sacred message about something that’ll happen in the future.

Dreams can take different forms, but some themes recur regularly in people’s dreams. In this article, we explore 5 of such common dreams and attempt to provide some interpretation and likely course of action when you have this kind of dream.

Dreams About Being Chased

Dreams about being chased by someone or something are quite common and they can be quite terrifying. A typical interpretation for this kind of dream is that there’s a situation in your life that you’re trying to avoid. The identity of the person pursuing you may provide some context for interpreting this dream.

If you’re being pursued by an animal, it could be an indication that you’re trying to avoid facing your own passions, anger, or other emotions. Similarly, if you’re being chased by an unknown figure, it could indicate that you’re running away from an experience or past trauma.

If you’re constantly dreaming about being chased, you should reflect on your life and try to identify the things you have been trying to avoid. Owning up and facing the things you have been avoiding may put an end to this dream.

Dreams About Taking an Exam

Dreams about being back to school and taking an exam can take different forms with varying interpretations. If you’re stressing about an exam in your dream, it may be an indication of your anxiety about a real-life situation. If you find yourself cheating in an exam in your dream, it may be a reflection of how you try to cut corners in real life. Being caught cheating in an exam could indicate your fear of being humiliated in real life.

If you’re constantly dreaming about writing an exam, you should focus on overcoming any hurdles you might be facing in your personal or professional life. Also, if you’re being dishonest about an aspect of your life, bringing it out to the open and revealing the truth may help.

Dreams About Being Naked in Public

Dreaming about being naked in public is an indication of a feeling of vulnerability, insecurity, and shame. You may have something that you’re trying to keep a secret and you’re afraid of the reaction of others when the truth is discovered. But not all dreams about being naked show insecurity and shame. If you’re comfortable and relaxed about being naked in your dream, it might be an indication that you’re confident in yourself.

A real-life action you can take in response to this dream is to consider revealing aspects of your life that you have been hiding from others. Keeping secrets will eat at your soul and may affect your relationship with others. You can benefit by unburdening your secrets and feelings to someone willing to listen to you.

Dreams About Falling

Dreams about falling are quite common. In most cases, you’ll find yourself waking up right before hitting the ground. This type of dream is often an indication that something is going wrong in your waking life and you are losing control or feeling overpowered by the situation. You may be failing at reaching a goal and you’re afraid of being a failure.

Dreaming about falling is an indicator that you’re afraid in real life. The key to overcoming this is to identify the things that may be causing the feeling. Take note of all the things you’re worrying about in your personal and professional life and try to figure out a way to work through them. For things you have no control over, simply cutting yourself some slack and allowing yourself to relax can help.

Dreams About Death

Contrary to what you might think, dreaming about death is not necessarily a premonition that something bad is about to happen. In fact, a more common interpretation for this type of dream is that a phase of your life is ending or changing. This may be some sort of personal transformation, ending a relationship, a major career change, and so on. Seeing yourself dieing in your dream may also relate to failure in real life.

When you have dreams like this, reflect on the areas of your life that are due for a change and how such a change will impact your future. Change is not easy, but it is necessary. You just have to find a way to be comfortable with the coming change and try to make the experience as positive as possible.

Your Dreams Are Sacred Messages

There are numerous other dreams like this all with different meanings and interpretations. No matter the type of dream, the key to unraveling the meaning behind it is to reflect on your life and identify what could be responsible for the dream. It could be your subconscious trying to tell you something. Paying attention to what you see in your dreams can help you make better decisions and seek help when you need to.

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