To claim happiness and fulfillment in life, you need to insure your soul from negative and evil influences.


Indigo Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today, we protect many things with insurance, like cars, boats, and motorcycles. We also have different types of insurance to protect our health, teeth, eyes, homes, places we rent, work, and our lives. We buy these policies so that if anything happens, we have some assurance that everything we care about will be taken care of.

But how well do we protect our souls? How well do we protect ourselves from the challenges of life?

Insurance for Your Soul

Focusing too much on things that don't last and not taking care of our soul can get in the way of our relationship with God. These things don't stick around for long, but what about your soul? Do you ever stop and think about it?

Just as insurance policies protect your possessions and assets against avoidable and unavoidable destruction, your soul also needs protection. Spiritual and soul protection helps you recognize the existence of destructive energies and how they can disrupt your spiritual balance.

These dark energies always exist, whether or not you believe in them. Ask your guardian angel to protect you from any dark energy that may attempt to push you away from your highest destiny and the divine.

Think of negative thoughts like harmful bacteria in your body. To protect yourself, you need to identify what is controlling your mind and your life. Your responsibility is to wake up and defend your soul from negativity. This will help you protect yourself, claim control of your soul, and strengthen your spiritual balance.

Claiming Divine Love and Protection

Remember that negative thoughts and actions are not your own. Your true nature is positive, filled with love, peace, and grace. You have the right to grow and flourish in body, mind, and soul.

Your soul reflects the light of the Lord and protects it that helps you feel God's love. It's important to protect your soul. Negativity can block your path and prevent you from feeling the heavenly energies. Don't claim negativity, problems, or downs. With the guidance of your guardian angel, you can transform all challenges and claim your glory.

Insuring your soul can help you get rid of negative energy that can cause physical, social, psychological, and spiritual pain for you and those around you. You're here to live a happy and bright life, and you can be a light for others by doing so.

As you continue to grow spiritually, you'll find that positive opportunities will come your way. This will also help you enjoy your life, find peace, and be happier with yourself and those you interact with.

Do not let fear, anxiety, distress, and uncertainty stop you. Surround yourself with the light of the Divine and claim love and protection. Talk to your guardian angel every morning and before bed.

Make a strong shield around your soul to protect yourself from negativity. This will increase good things happening to you, coincidences, and help from the Divine. It will free you from the chaos and uncertainty of society and make you a shining light. The power of the Divine is strong, so ask your guardian angels to help you.