Create a welcoming space where strangers can enter and become friends, rather than enemies.


Messages from Your Angels by Doreen Virtue

As a lightworker, you have the incredible ability to invite love and kindness into every space you enter. This includes hosting and drawing people into a space that is welcoming and hospitable. By doing so, you have the potential to create an environment that is transformative and healing for those who enter it.

Hosting a Safe and Comfortable Atmosphere

Hosting is not just about providing food and drinks, but it's also about creating an atmosphere that makes people feel at home. You can use your lightworker powers to infuse your space with positive energy that puts people at ease. This can be done by incorporating elements such as soft lighting, comfortable seating, and inviting scents. All these things can help set the tone for a warm and welcoming environment.

When people feel comfortable, they are more likely to open up and connect with others, thus leading to a more meaningful experience.

Drawing people into your space is also an important aspect of creating a welcoming environment. This can be achieved by extending a warm invitation to someone who may feel left out or isolated. Your lightworker powers enable you to attract people with positive energy and love.

By inviting someone into your space, you are showing them that they are valued and appreciated. This can help break down barriers and foster connections between people who may have otherwise never met.

Drawing People Towards Healing

As you use your lightworker powers to create a welcoming space, you are also helping to heal the world. When people feel connected and appreciated, they are less likely to engage in negative behaviors that can harm themselves and others. By creating a space where strangers can enter and leave as friends, you are promoting peace and harmony in the world.

So, how can you use your lightworker powers to create a welcoming space? Here are some additional ideas:

  • Consider the atmosphere you want to create. Think about the purpose of the gathering and what kind of environment would best facilitate that purpose. For example, if you're hosting a meditation group, you may want to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Use your creativity. There are countless ways to infuse your space with positive energy. You could create an altar with candles and crystals, hang inspiring artwork on the walls, or play soothing music in the background. The possibilities are endless!
  • Be fully present. When people enter your space, make sure you are fully present and attentive to their needs. Offer them something to drink or eat, and take the time to engage in meaningful conversation with them.
  • Encourage participation. Make sure everyone feels included and valued. Encourage people to participate in activities or conversations, and make sure everyone has a chance to share their thoughts and ideas.

Remember, as a lightworker, you have the power to create a space where strangers can enter and become friends. Use your lightworker powers to promote hospitality and kindness in the world. When you do, you will be helping to heal the world one person at a time, and that's a beautiful thing.