Smart saving and spending habits can help you manifest financial success.


Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue

Financial security is crucial for achieving personal, spiritual, and social goals in life. Regardless of race or belief, everyone understands the importance of prosperity and financial security for themselves and their family. Wealth creation and preservation are important life goals, regardless of spiritual orientation or beliefs.

Thanks to advances in technology, saving our fortunes has become much more secure through banking. A solid buffer of savings provides financial security for ourselves, our families, and others. This message also encourages using our God-given wealth for the highest good to please the divine. When we save and diligently invest in high-yield savings, businesses, mortgages, and real estate, we become self-fulfilled and self-dependent.

It is also a reminder that we are co-creators and co-administrators of the divine in every aspect of our lives. We are the masters of our own destinies, but we need divine guidance and spiritual balance to guide us. Making a periodic and conscious effort to preserve part of our wealth through banking or investing is a step towards creating effective change in our lives.

Pray Against Temptations to Spend Unwisely

We live in a consumer-driven world where our wants and desire for spending often exceed our desire to save. However, saving reduces stress, worries, and anxiety about unforeseen events. It gives us flexibility and greater financial freedom for ourselves and our families, both present and future, especially during emergencies.

Several modern slangs and cultures have deprecated the importance of saving. As a result, many people find it hard to save or choose to cut back on their expenses. "If you have it, spend it" is a common mentality.

Many people don't realize that when they save money, they haven't lost or given up its use. They're simply saving for future spending.

Why You Should Plan for Your Future Now

Saving is part of God's big plan for us because no one can predict the future. Saving helps us become financially independent, especially during desperate times and emergencies. It helps us avoid unpleasant situations and ensures a happy, fulfilled life. Secondary essential needs like education and shelter through mortgage banking can also be easily sorted out, in addition to achieving spiritual balance.

Take the time to determine your needs and separate them from cravings and wants. Your soul, sense of purpose, love for your family, and your health are more valuable than earthly possessions. Therefore, knowing what you need to live a comfortable and blessed life and working towards it is more important than spending on earthly desires only.

Also, plan out alternative ways to satisfy your wants to achieve self-actualization. Consider investing in yourself and your soul rather than irrelevant and less important wants. Establish priorities and save wisely.

On the path to satisfying your needs, it is important to avoid negativity that can steer you off the divine path. Discipline is a crucial attribute in attaining spiritual and financial growth. During hard times, stay close to the divine and seek guidance from your angels.

Avoid the greed and temptation of earthly desires, especially due to peer pressure and worldly influence. When saving and investing, avoid temptation for quick gains. Setting realistic expectations and goals is key to growing and investing your fortune. Greed and temptation are often the reason behind many financial disasters many people are guilty of making. Invest wisely and save regularly.