It is time to put your knowledge to use and expand your horizons.


Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Now is an excellent time to take some classes to gain education in a field of interest. Learn everything you can to share what you know and become an expert in your area. Life-long learning is crucial to keep your brain active and alert. Take classes that interest you and get an education that will enhance your life.

Education best suited for you

The education does not have to be in a formal setting. Take online classes and learn from others. Take classes that spark your interest and excite and invigorate you. See what is offered and decide which opportunities are best for you at this time.

There are many ways to become educated without taking formal classes or continuing education programs.

  • Listen to a podcast – choose a topic of interest and find a podcast you can enjoy. This will allow you to learn, even if you are busy. You can listen to a podcast while you are driving or while you are doing some housecleaning. Anytime is a good time to learn.
  • Cold email – is there someone you admire and would love to chat with to learn more about their success? Send out some emails and see who responds. Perhaps you will have the opportunity to interview an idol who could provide some sage advice.
  • Ted Talks – Ted Talks are a great way to learn without sitting in on classes. There are talks on many subjects, and you can gain some education in areas from finance and investing to leadership and entrepreneurship.
  • Read a new book – Choose some books that you think may inspire you. Read about topics you would like education on and read at least one new book on the subject each month.

Taking classes

If you prefer to take classes to gain an education, there are also many options open to you.

  • Creative classes – many communities have centers that offer creative courses. If you would like an education that will help you explore your creative side, consider painting or pottery.
  • Language learning – If you have always wanted to learn another language, check out local offerings.
  • Formal education – many colleges and universities will accept part-time students if you want to take a few classes to expand your knowledge base in an academic area. Consider your interests and look into programs you can take locally or online to satiate your curiosity and expand your knowledge base in a specific area.

The angels have asked you to learn so that you may help others. You have been blessed, but you have also been given a task. Put some thought into where you may best serve those around you and take it upon yourself to become an expert.

When you share what you know with others, they will benefit from their new knowledge, and you will benefit as well. Knowing something well enough to teach it makes you the expert, and that knowledge will serve you.

Whether you choose to take structured classes to gain more education or just take a few community classes is up to you. But gain the knowledge that you need to help others and appreciate the blessings that have come your way. Sharing what you know will enhance your life and present you with further opportunities that you did not know would come your way.