Urgent care comes swiftly to those that call to the angels for help.


Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s message is all about restoration from the things that have caused distress to you or the people you love. The burdens in this world seem to come easily in people’s lives, but the scars they leave sometimes take too long to heal.

Fortunately, your angel has seen the things within you which need mending. May it be your emotional, medical, or social needs; your angel will always be there to provide the urgent care your life requires.

Healing is not only a part of medical conversations. It’s holistic.

Healing has just been associated with medical uses alone for so long. But we all know it’s not just the physical body that needs mending. Even the angels know that though you may not have any physical injuries, there’s something inside of you that needs their urgent care. After all, the scars which can’t be seen by the eyes are the ones that hurt the most.

There’s nothing to worry about despite the deeply buried wounds tormenting you now though. Your angel knows exactly what you need in order to alleviate the pain. Today, this healing card is given to you for a reason. This may be a tough time as old gashes have been once again opened, but feel free to call on your angels and rest in their arms.

They’re also reminding you today that you are a natural healer. You just have to let the healing thoughts flow from your mind so that they can manifest into form. In the physical world, you will only be given urgent care by medical professionals if you will allow them to do so. Even your very own hands can clean the cuts if you’ll be brave enough to do it.

You’ll always be aware of your wound, no matter what. It will keep on reminding you that it’s there while it throbs. It’s already enough to capture your attention. Don’t let it grow bigger until it’s too late to handle. Let it be healed. You have a choice. You may go ahead and clean your own cuts with your angels’ help, or you could also ask for help from others if you can’t do it on your own.

The angels are sending their loving touch to those who need healing and urgent care today.

In whatever aspect, healing can only take place once the damage is acknowledged. You can’t mend something you thought isn’t broken. There’s a need to release the things that are negatively affecting you first in order for the light of recovery to seep in.

All you have to do is reassure yourself that the angels are right there with you. They’re setting things in their perfect order, and soon, whatever affliction you may be having will also be removed.

After your own scars will finally be erased, this card is also sending you a message that God will work through you. Your hands will bring a soothing touch to those who also need to be restored. It’ll be hard to give aid to the struggling ones while you’re still also dealing with your own wounds. Take care of yourself first before giving a hand to others.

Don’t dwell on the things that could go wrong now. Instead, put in your mind that healing is already on the way. Keep loving thoughts in the presence of any situation which seems to need restoration. Visualize the problem as though it has already been resolved with your angels' help. After the positive enlightenment, go ahead and express gratitude to God for the recovery.