It’s time to clear your homes from destructive termites.

Opportunity To Forgive

Daily Guidance From Your Angels by Doreen Virtue

Today’s message is about having the perfect chance to let bygones be bygones. Your angel is sending you this card because you may have been in pain lately. Your heart may be aching because of what other people have done to you, but you shouldn’t dwell on being unappeasable.

Don’t let the negative thoughts dwell in your mind because they’ll be like termites who eat on the very structure of many homes. Little by little, without you noticing, it can create huge damages which will be hard to restore.

Termites may be hard to shoo away, and the safety of your homes depends on their extermination.

Whenever you’re exposed to negative or low vibratory energy, you'll experience tremendous blockages in your life—and you don’t want that to happen. There may be some hard feelings you’ve been keeping inside you for some time now. Those things can hinder the flow of good energy in your life.

For one thing, you may be having a tough time moving on from your past choices which led to disagreements. This may lead you to have feelings of regret. Remember, it’s not only other people that you have to forgive. The first thing you must free from guilt is your own self.

You may also have misunderstandings with other people which could lead to some strain in your relationship. That’s why your angel is letting you know about the perfect opportunity to mend the crack while it’s not yet fully fractured.

Just like how people would deal with termites in their homes, remove the useless things that are trying to weaken your positive foundation. If you won’t deal with them as soon as you can, you may be devastated to find one day that the most important things in your life are already crumbling down.

Keep in mind, forgiving is far different from forgetting. It’s not the deed you’ll be forgiving, but the person who did the action. You must be willing to allow the Angels to assist you in cleansing your heart and mind from the toxicity of resentment. Your angels are more than ready to help you break the barriers that block the things you desire.

The process might be tough, but termite-free homes are undeniably cozy.

Each person will have their own interpretation of the story. We have the tendency to cling to something that didn’t exist for someone else. And, although it once did exist for us, you now have the option of facing it straight on and accepting that it is a thing of the past.

Unless you allow it, the pain from misunderstanding no longer has power over you. It no longer dictates your path. The complete control is now in your hands. However, in order to start again, you must really be ready to forgive. By choosing to be the bigger person, you’ll be exchanging anguish for serenity.

One of the many benefits of forgiveness is an increase in mental clarity, renewed energy, and the ability to focus. If termites remain in people’s homes, the owners of the house will definitely do anything to remove them. They know that as long as those pests are there, they’ll have no peace of mind.

The same thing goes with those who hold on to ill feelings are things of yesterday. As long as the bitterness is staying in your heart, the positive energy will have no space to flow through.

At this very moment, inhale and exhale several times. It can help you release your emotions. As you do so, make sure you’re completely giving your anger, your worries, and your painful past to the angels. Let go of all the hurt and bitterness. Make use of this opportunity to forgive. Then, breathe in the freedom of a healed heart.