Self-deception is obviously not self-love.

Be Honest With Yourself

Daily Guidance From Your Angels by Doreen Virtue

Today’s message is a gentle yet firm confrontation. This is because your angel knows if you’re being true to yourself or not. You may think the only bad thing is deceiving others, but understand that not being honest with yourself is even worse. It may be about accepting your flaws and faults. Also, it can be down to the worst-case scenario where you may have medical needs.

Close your eyes and ask yourself now: What is something you can’t admit to your own reflection in the mirror?

Face your fears with your angels beside you.

You received this sacred message today because it’s time for you to finally look squarely at the truth. Your angel is concerned because there may be something that's bothering you, but you're too afraid to give it any attention. It can be about your spiritual life, or it can be about your physical well being.

These days, most people are talking about self-love without knowing that their treatment for themselves does not equate to that at all. Self-love is not about the absence of flaws, nor is it looking for perfection. It’s about embracing your every weakness while you also work hard to get better.

But how can you know what to improve? Basically, you can't change the things you haven’t acknowledged yet. But this message is your prompt.

This is where you may begin with your journey. Your angel is just patiently waiting for you to step out of the door. Once you decide to put your feet out of your comfort zone, that will be the first step you’ll take towards healing. Remember, you’re not looking at this card for no reason at all.

Start the journey towards self-honesty.

Before anything else, it’s good to know where you’re headed first by asking yourself about realizations of life.

Is it about the treatment that other people give you? Are you just telling yourself that everything is alright in order to keep the peace although you’re being offended? Is it about your unspoken opinions? Are you not speaking up because you’re afraid of being criticized? Is it about your physical body? Are you afraid you may have medical needs which you can’t afford or accept?

It’s time to also hear the small voice in your head that’s been bothering you for days. It has always been there. You may be the only one closing your ears for the truth you’ve been avoiding.

If you feel like other people are taking advantage of your kindness, don't make yourself believe that it's just fine. You may be keeping the peace between you and other people, but you’ll see you’re not at peace with yourself. Be honest and speak freely about what you believe in. People will always have something to say, but remember, you are speaking your truth—and you matter.

If you’ve been feeling something wrong with your body or health, don’t hesitate to have a medical check up. Results may show your medical needs and emphasis on proper treatment—and it’s better you know your condition before it gets worse, and it’s also for your peace of mind. Once you begin to accept your circumstance, you will then realize that your angel is right all along.

Now, if you are ready to be honest with yourself, step out of your comfort zone’s door. Face the truth and go on that glorious journey to self-improvement. It may be a big step to take, but be assured that the wings of your angels are ready to protect you along the way.