Be the energy healer for other weary souls.

Energy Work

Daily Guidance From Your Angels by Doreen Virtue

Today’s message is a reminder that your life’s purpose is to give other people the energy healing work they need. Your angel is telling you that you’re like one of those solar panels which provide electricity to those who need its flow of power. To do so, you must first capture sunlight and store it until someone who needs to recharge comes to find you.

An energy healing therapy is all you need today.

Energy is the basic core of existence. Every human being needs power like how the lights and appliances in your home need electricity. There are instances that the natural flow of energy in a person’s body may be disturbed though.

Practitioners believe that energy may get stagnant in the body when there has been physical damage or perhaps mental anguish. These energy blockages may result in illness after some time.

Your angel is currently looking out for your body. You’re being advised to seek energy medicine that could remove the hindrances that can stunt your growth. This is the perfect time to learn more about Reiki or Qi Gong to get the energy healing you need.

Reiki helps to enhance the passage of energy and remove blockages in a way that's similar to acupuncture and acupressure. Improving the flow of energy throughout the body can help boost relaxation, decrease pain, accelerate healing, and alleviate other symptoms of illness. Through the pouring of universal energy into your body, the healing benefits are amplified.

In Qi Gong, The healers have acquired a more in-depth knowledge of the practices, and they have directed their efforts on learning how to regulate Qi. Individuals who can manipulate Qi may emit Qi to cure others.

Your body is an amazing energy field that becomes even better the more that it’s loved and cared for. It’s almost the same as how solar panels work. The more energy it receives from the sun, the more it can also provide electricity to those attached to it. Remember, the sun is a light that brings sunshine, vibrance, and joy.

Bask under the light of the sun and emit your radiance.

There’s another thing your angel would like to remind you today. Keep in mind that you can only give out something you possess, and you can’t give what you lack. How can you provide electricity if you haven’t stored energy from the sun? After all, that’s the sole purpose of solar panels---magnifying energy to fulfill your life’s purpose to the fullest.

Heal and store energy first. You can do that by clearing the energy in your environment. Do the things that you love and make sure you’re not surrounded by negative people with bad influences as it affects the energy that envelops your entire being. You can also shield yourself from the dark forces by envisioning your body being wrapped by a protective white and purple light.

The angels also recommend scheduling a session to receive an energy healing message. It will prompt you that your life's mission is to provide energy healing treatments to others. By doing so, you’ll be keen on getting the positive energy in your life because you can spread it to others.

As energy healing is one of your life's purposes, it could give you satisfaction and peace. It may also brighten up your mood and provide relief.

Let your angels guide you as you dispense energy to other kindred souls that need it. Just make sure you have enough in store first, so you won’t run out of it in the long run. Here’s another thing to remember: always leave some for yourself as well.