Your angels want you to eat healthily, drink water, and stay away from toxic substances and people.

Sacral Chakra

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today's message is about sensitivity. These sensitivities could be physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional. Your angels are here to teach you how to deal with these sensitivities in the healthiest of ways possible.

You can trust your angels to help steer you away from unhealthy situations and coping mechanisms. For example, instead of drinking addictive, sugary drinks filled with additives, they suggest keeping hydrated with plenty of water.

Physical sensitivities

Being kind to your body and using good physical health practices is as important to your angels as it is crucial for yourself. Even doing things as simple as drinking more water or eating a more balanced diet can drastically improve your physical wellbeing.

When you introduce your body to addictive, unhealthy things, you may experience unpleasant reactions. This could happen in the form of an allergic reaction, illness, skin problems, or addiction. Your angels want you to stay away from those harmful irritants, so you can live a clean and healthy life.

Here are some dos and don'ts for reducing reactions to physical sensitivities.


  • Eat healthy and balanced meals.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Take vitamins or minerals your body might be lacking.
  • Wear sunscreen and SPF moisturizers.
  • Wear proper protection when working with potentially toxic irritants.


  • Consume drinks filled with sugar or caffeine.
  • Eat processed foods containing lots of preservatives or additives.
  • Handle potentially dangerous chemicals without proper protective gear.
  • Self-medicate with harmful substances such as drugs or alcohol.

Mental or emotional sensitivities

Not only are there physical irritants you need to try to stay away from, but also mental and emotional disturbances you need to be aware of as well.

Your angels want to help bring peace and tranquility to your mind. They want you to rid yourself of any person or situation that may trigger adverse reactions in your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Your sensitivities could become easily irritated by people, emotions, or mentally and emotionally damaging situations. Here is what your angels want you to steer clear from to avoid distressing your mental and emotional state of mind:

  • People who bring negativity into your life.
  • Pessimistic ways of thinking.
  • Toxic relationship patterns.
  • Doing things that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Putting yourself in situations or places that bring undesirable emotions such as fear, anxiety, or nervousness.
  • Stressful situations that drain your energy.
  • Feelings of self-doubt or uncertainty.
  • Letting others take advantage of you or show a lack of appreciation for your efforts.
  • Dismissing your personal opinions or emotions.
  • Allowing others to walk all over you, talk down to you, or show any other form of disrespect towards your thoughts or feelings.

Spiritual sensitivities

Allowing yourself to participate in spiritual practices that you're comfortable doing is one of the best ways to elevate your spirit. Doing these things will help you access the intuitive messages being sent to you from angelic realms.

Your angels want you to become more aware of the sensitivities that could cause you spiritual blockages. Being unable to express your spirituality in your own healthy way can cause you to feel lost or disconnected.

Here are some things you can do to avoid disturbing your spiritual development. These practices will also help strengthen your relationship and the connection you share with your guardian angels:

  • Welcome positive spirituality into your life.
  • Figure out which traditions or rituals are best suited for you and your spiritual needs.
  • Ask for angels for an angelic cleansing to clear yourself of any negativity.
  • Make sure your chakra energies are balanced.