Your angels are here to help you heal any pain caused by your parents and to help those who come from broken homes.


Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today's message is all about healing. Your angels are here to help guide you through a healing journey and are offering you their light and strength to do so. Whether it's your own pain or the pain of others, your angels want to help you be free of it and release it.

The Parents card represents an issue or blockage of some sort in your current life that's subconsciously connected with the relationship you have with your mother or father. Those that come from broken homes most often experience these blockages more intensely.

Your angels want to assist in healing any pain or hurt feelings and free you from any toxicity leftover from childhood homes.

What do those who come from broken homes need to heal?

Suppose you have a damaged relationship with either one or both of your parents. In that case, your angels want you to understand how that may affect you today. They also want you to know that you're not alone and that they're watching over you, guiding you towards the healing of any hurt or trauma that may have occurred in childhood homes.

The types of issues you're experiencing depend on which parent you have a troubled relationship with. Your relationship with your mother affects your feminine energies and traits. Whereas with your father, your masculine side is affected.

Suppose you have an unstable or lost connection with both parents. In that case, you could experience many unbalanced energies in your life, making it hard for you to achieve long-term stability.

How does your relationship with your mother affect you?

Suppose you have a damaged relationship with or have troubles associated with how your mother treated you when you were younger. It is common to experience issues with receptivity, which is a feminine energy, because of that broken connection.

Your mother has a heavy influence on your ability to accept love or help from others. Suppose you find yourself having issues with allowing yourself to be loved or admired by others. In that case, your angels suggest working towards releasing any toxic emotions that come from your relationship with your mother.

How does your relationship with your father affect you?

You may have problems with self-image and self-confidence if your connection with your father is wounded or lost. The masculine energy you hold within yourself has to do with your sense of pride.

An unbalance of masculine energy can make you feel like you don't have confidence in yourself to make a positive difference in the world in one way or another. Your angels suggest that you try to fix the broken or find the lost connection you have with your father.

What can you do to release pain, heal, and create strong bonds with your parents?

Your angels want you to know that whatever may have happened between you and your parents, that they truly love you no matter what.

It's time to release any feelings of resentment, pain, or trauma. Let go of any other toxic emotion that may be causing a blockage in your personal growth and development.

Call upon your angels to help you fix and strengthen your relationship and connection with your parents. Allow yourself to offer forgiveness and let go of any negative emotions towards them. Your guardian angels will be with you now as you begin your journey of healing from the past. They will protect you from any painful memories and allow you to free yourself from them.

Reach out to your parents, if possible, and try to reconnect. Make a peace offering if the past has been rocky. Your angels will encourage you to forgive one another, healing old wounds and creating new strong and healthy bonds.