Your angels want you to focus your base chakra energy to manifest your material needs, such as housing.

Base Chakra

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today's angel oracle card is the Base Chakra, also commonly known as the root chakra. When this card appears, your angels are sending you a message. They want you to pay close attention to the way you speak and feel about your current situation.

Are you in need of affordable housing? What about a larger paycheck from your current job, or perhaps a new car?

Your angels want you now to only think positive thoughts when it comes to your current living situation. Only speak of good things for yourself, and leave any feelings of worry or fear out of your mind. Your angels want you to know that by affirming yourself, you have the power to manifest all of your current material needs.

Find affordable housing through Base Chakra manifestation.

Your angels are indicating that you may have been having some troubles lately with finding affordable housing. They know how you will feel once you have a place to call home. Having proper housing to suit your lifestyle and budget is one of the most essential material needs you have.

Accept the guidance of your angels and listen to them when they say now is not a time for worrying, negative thinking, or pessimism. Your outcome is determined by the words you put out into the world.

Affirm yourself and stay determined, and the perfect place may just appear before your eyes. Your angels know how difficult it can sometimes be to find decent, affordable housing nowadays. Stay hopeful and continue to put out positivity. You will then receive positivity in return.

Or, get that well-needed vehicle upgrade.

The Base Chakra rules all your material needs. So, if your car is in desperate need of an upgrade, your angels are saying now is the time to manifest it!

As mentioned above, with affordable housing, focus only positive thoughts on your goal.

Instead of thinking, "my car is so old and beat up. It's going to break down, and then I'll be stuck with no vehicle."

Try thinking like this: "My car could use an upgrade. I know I will be able to figure out a way to get a new one soon if I put my mind to it!"

Manifest your way to promotion or raise at your job.

Your angels want you to know that you can also channel your Base Chakra energies towards earning more money. Your money and income count as a significant part of your material needs. Your angels are guiding you towards making sure those needs get fully met.

If there is an opening for a job promotion, your angels cheer you on to keep up the good work and stay positive. Your hard work and positivity will pay off and will land you that promotion that comes with a nice raise in pay.

Or, if you're not looking to get promoted, your angels want you to still maintain a solid positive attitude at work. Have confidence in knowing you get the job done right. By doing so, your boss may begin to notice your efforts and give you a well-deserved raise.

What can you do to manifest material gains?

For you to manifest all of your material needs, your angels want you to affirm yourself. Keep only positive thoughts in your mind and only speak good, positive words about your current situation and future.

Making yourself daily affirmations is a simple yet powerful practice to take part in. All you have to do is:

  1. Write down your affirmation first thing in the morning.
  2. Say it out loud to yourself 10 times and really focus on the words coming out of your mouth and what they mean.
  3. Look at and read your affirmations aloud multiple times throughout the day.
  4. Be optimistic and think only positive thoughts.
  5. Read your affirmation aloud to yourself before bedtime, just as you did in the morning.