Listen to your intuitive feelings about the safety of your home and make sure that it is gas safe and hazard-free.

Listen to Your Intuitive Feelings

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today's angel oracle card is called "Listen to Your Intuitive Feelings." The message coming from your guardian angels is just that. They want you to listen to that feeling you get in your gut or the way your muscles tense up.

Understand the Divine messages running through your body, signaling you how to appropriately react.

The theme of this card is about listening to your angels when they tell you that you can always trust your intuitive self. Listen to the messages felt within your body and mind.

Are there any warning signs?

If you feel like a red flag may be rising, such as your home no longer being gas safe, trust those feelings and get things inspected and fixed if needed. Your angels say that it's better to be safe than sorry in dangerous, potentially life-threatening situations like that.

Why should you listen to your intuitive feelings?

Your angels are asking you to put your faith and trust into your intuitive feelings. They want you to be able to recognize what you're feeling, understand it, and then be able to act upon it accordingly.

Trusting your intuition and any troublesome gut feelings could save you from a disastrous situation. You could avoid accidents or issues such as destruction of your property or serious physical harm to yourself. Your angels know that you know what's best for you and your home and never doubt yourself when it comes to using your intuition to guide you.

Your angels want you to listen to your inner feelings. They say that you can trust your intuition if any sudden warning signs arise.

Here are some of the red flags you should always take action upon immediately. Never second guess your intuitive feelings involving these potentially devastating events.

Take immediate action if you feel like your home is not gas safe.

Suppose you even have the slightest suspicion that there is a gas leak in your home and it is not gas safe anymore. In that case, your angels want you to take action immediately.

When your home isn't gas safe, you're putting yourself and other people who may live in your home at risk. Even if nobody ends up getting hurt, you could suffer a hefty bill due to the damages that could be caused to your home and property.

So, your angels are stressing the importance of trusting your intuitive feelings or any warning signs you may feel. You just may be right, and by taking prompt action, you could avoid some severe disasters.

Suppose you suspect an issue with anything electrical in your home, such as frayed wiring. In that case, your angels say that it's best to call a professional to come to check it out.

If you have exposed wires that need to be put away or back into place, trust your instincts if you feel like it may be hazardous to touch them yourself. You are probably right, and handling an exposed, live wire could end in severe injury or even death.

Trust yourself if you think there are any fire hazards in your home.

Your angels are guiding you towards using common sense and trusting your intuitive thoughts about any potential fire hazards that may be in your home. Don't just wait and see what happens if you feel like some could be or create a fire hazard. You could lose your home or your life by not taking immediate action.

Your angels will help send you intuitive messages so that you're able to spot any fire hazards in your home. You will then be able to quickly take action and remove the danger before a disaster occurs.